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Sony has announced a trio of major upgrades to its photo and video lineup: the a6700 mirrorless camera, FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS II lens, and ECM-M1 on-camera microphone. Combining video features from Sony’s cinema-line with AI-driven tech, the a6700 elevates Sony’s APS-C lineup for creators while retaining its signature compact form. Complementing the new camera is the ECM-M1 on-camera microphone, which uses beamforming technology to offer an unprecedented eight
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 05/12/2023
Nikon Z8, Sony XPERIA 1 V, Canon PowerShot V10, Panasonic S5 IIX, and more. Week of May 7, 2023 Sometimes we publish here and say that everyone had something to announce as a fun way of saying several products were released in the past week. This time we mean it. Nikon, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and more had launches (or relaunches) this week, and some of them are quite substantial. Recently announced is the Nikon Z8, the mirrorless
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Sigma has announced three primes for L and Sony E-mount cameras: the 17mm f/4 DG DN and 50mm f/2 DG DN for full-frame cameras and the 23mm f/1.4 DC DN for APS-C format cameras. All members of the Contemporary lineup, the trio pairs compact and intuitive designs with exceptional imaging. The 17mm f/4 and 50mm f/2 become the eighth and ninth lenses to join Sigma’s illustrious I-series, cherished for their metal housing, tactile controls, and compact builds.
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Join professional Sony Alpha photographer and educator Reza Malayeri as he discusses the Sony a1’s lightning-fast burst mode, shares examples of eye-autofocus tracking for birds and animals, and showcases the camera’s slow-motion video capabilities. 0:00 - Introduction 2:58 - Malayeri’s Career Background 6:00 - Showcase Overview 8:20 - High-Speed Stills Setup 17:23 - Examples of High-Speed Stills 24:34 - Expand Spot Tracking Setup
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 09/28/2023
Photographic art and style are both subjective topics about which many of us get passionate. The camera is a tool to make photographic art, but we all know that, as a tool—a machine—it can be a beautiful object unto itself. I talk about some of today’s stylistic photographic tools in my Recommended Stylish Cameras article, but let’s pass the microphone around the Internet to see what people think
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Innovating without losing sight of its timeless heritage, Leica has just announced the newest M rangefinder camera: the M11. On the outside, the M11 looks familiar; its classic rangefinder form seems nearly identical to the original M3 from 1954. On the inside, though, the M11 is all about evolution, with a newly designed 60MP sensor, refreshed interface, and improved photo capabilities that remain true to the minimalist appeal of M
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Join the B&H team in the field as they use the Nikon Z 6II and Z 7II, testing the low-light features, AF tracking, and all-around speed in a photoshoot. Click here to learn more about the Nikon Z 6II and Z 7II. Have any
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Last year, Sony tried something new with the launch of the ZV-1. This year, the company is taking the same philosophy and moving it up to mirrorless with the ZV-E10. With a feature-set perfect for vloggers, the ZV-E10 is a camera that looks familiar in the E-mount lineup but has more specialized capabilities, borrowed from the ZV-1, and aimed squarely at content creators. The ZV-1 took Sony’s well-regarded RX100-esque form factor and image
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Enter the retro-cool and featured-packed Nikon Z fc camera! Lovers and fans of Nikon are certainly familiar with the company’s rich history, and it is difficult not to get excited when the camera’s design team breaks out a brand-new digital camera with a look and feel that harkens back to the days of the Nikon film photography era and its line of 35mm cameras that set a photographic standard for decades. While it looks like it rolled fresh
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 02/10/2021
Taking its rightful place as Sony’s mirrorless flagship, the Alpha 1, or a1, is one of the most impressive and feature-rich cameras ever made. Boasting 8K video, 50MP stills, 30 fps continuous shooting, and lots more, there is much to learn about the a1. Here’s everything you need to know. Sony Alpha 1 | Early Hands-On Review Shortly after news broke on the a1, Doug Guerra was given the opportunity to take the camera for a quick spin
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For our final episode of 2020, we look back at the year that was—and what a year it was. We learned new remote recording skills and virtual conversation styles, but the B&H Photography Podcast never missed a beat; we recorded an episode the very first week of quarantine and have continued recording throughout this unprecedented time. Many aspects of this production were made significantly more difficult by being “all remote,” but it did allow us to speak with photographers around
by Tucker Mitchell ·Posted 11/25/2020
These days, everyone has a camera. With smartphones, we all take photos of our friends, our pets, and ourselves. Portraiture comes naturally for a lot of younger people. Even with this innate skill, what if I told you that by taking the time to learn a few techniques, you could drastically improve the quality of your photos? Whether you’ve received a camera as a gift, are looking for tips on how to pursue portrait photography, or are just trying to upgrade your selfie game, we have seven tips that will help you step up your game.
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Canon has announced a new powerful on-camera flash unit with a xenon bulb for consistent output and a rechargeable Li-ion battery that will enable up to 335 flashes per charge. Designed for professionals and advanced amateurs, the Canon Speedlite EL-1 provides a Guide Number of 197' at ISO 100 and 200mm, which is comparable to that of the 600EX II-RT Speedlite.
by Bjorn Petersen ·Posted 10/11/2021
Just as mirrorless is now the dominant camera type, full frame is now the dominant sensor size. It wasn’t too long ago when full-frame cameras were seen strictly as tools for professional and high-end photo applications due to their expense and the associated feature sets that were part of the complete full-frame camera system. Over the last few years, however, full-frame options have begun to trickle down to the middle tier of interchangeable-lens camera development, with some instances placing entry-level full-frame cameras right alongside
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 07/28/2020
Long awaited is one of the best descriptors for the just-announced Sony a7S III. I've been waiting. You've been waiting. We've all been waiting. In the years since its predecessor was released, we've seen an unprecedented number of new video-capable cameras from every major camera manufacturer. That means there are a lot of very competitive options in the mirrorless and DSLR world when it comes to high-end video. We are going to take