MIDI Controllers

by Trevor Collins ·Posted 01/05/2023
Expressive E, in collaboration with Haken Audio, announced the release of a new standalone polyphonic synthesizer, the Osmose. Designed to set a new standard for musical expressivity, the Osmose features a deep, modular digital sound engine; hundreds of high-quality, ready-to-use presets; and new MPE gesture technology that allows you to not only play with ease but unlock new ways to control sound, such as pressing,
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 09/08/2020
Native Instruments already has a popular line of MIDI controllers with Maschine and all its variants. How could they ever top these units? By making a stand-alone Maschine—one that requires no computer, no external software, and, in doing so, competes directly against a certain infamous production machine that rhymes with “MVP.” Feast your eyes on the Maschine+, now available at B&H.
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 07/07/2020
If you’re looking for a complete package for making music and programming beats, check out the PreSonus ATOM SQ, a versatile tool that offers an intuitive performance layout with 32 velocity and pressure-sensitive pads that will suit keyboard players, step-sequencer aficionados, and button mashers alike. The ATOM SQ has one single aim for producers and composers: it helps you lay down beats, harmonies, and melodies without oppressive menu diving
by Andrew Eisele ·Posted 07/16/2020
Novation has always been in the forefront of MIDI controller technology. The first version of the Remote SL promised a supreme command over your chosen DAW, complete with scribble scripts and a smart programming interface, which allowed you to control not only software, but hardware MIDI devices, as well. Novation has been pushing the boundaries of controller technology with its flagship SL MK3 MIDI controller, which adds a boatload of advanced features and functions, but with a premium price tag. So, what’s a struggling musician supposed to
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 05/14/2020
Akai caused a big stir with its MPC Live—an integrated sequencer, sampler, and controller that you could take with you, so you could program beats and compose music without needing a computer. The company has gone even further with the MPC Live Mk II, now available at B&H. Akai Professional MPC Live II
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 11/25/2019
For podcasting, music recording, and mixing with class-leading quality and ultra-low latency at a wallet-friendly price, check out the 2-channel M2 and the 4-channel M4, MOTU’s new portable, high-resolution, USB Type-C audio/MIDI interfaces. With virtual loopback channels for live-streaming or recording remote podcast guests, a full-color LCD for
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 12/16/2019
So, you know someone interested in SoundCloud Rap. Maybe it’s your son, daughter, niece, or nephew. Maybe it’s a little brother or sister. Whoever it is, your little buddy—or “Lil’ Bud” for short—is showing all the signs of SoundCloud mania: they’re dying their hair a new color every day, and they’re holding a tattoo gun up to their face as you read this. You won’t let them ink up their cheek, of course. But you will encourage creativity wherever it may be found. Thus, you’d like to buy them a gift to facilitate their dream of making paper and
by Staff Writer ·Posted 10/15/2019
Here in the Pro Audio department at B&H, we're pleased to announce Novation’s latest round of USB MIDI controllers, the Launchpad Mini MK3 with 64 RGB pads, and the essential Launchpad X, with large RGB velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads, both of which can help you make music efficiently and expressively. The
by Staff Writer ·Posted 09/17/2019
The B&H Audio Department is pleased to announce Novation’s latest USB MIDI controller, the Launchkey Mini MK3, with 25 high-quality mini keys, 16 velocity-sensitive RGB pads, eight rotary controls, pitch and mod touch strips, and a sustain input. The controller is Novation’s most compact and portable keyboard controller to date and features some advanced features, such as a programmable arpeggiator and a fixed chord mode, as
by Staff Writer ·Posted 09/03/2019
For anyone who needs a portable and compact keyboard controller to accompany them on their musical journeys in the studio and on the road, Arturia has the released the MicroLab. Available in black, blue, or
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 08/28/2019
Looking for an exciting new way of triggering MIDI in your DAW or sequencer? Check out the Joue ecosystem, available at B&H. Joue products offer an array of tactile surfaces: control MIDI by sliding fingers, exerting pressure, banging on
by Staff Writer ·Posted 07/01/2019
Among music producers, beatmakers, and musicians, Arturia has a solid reputation for delivering products that ignite new ideas, open new performance possibilities, and solve common technical challenges. This company’s latest offerings expand the AudioFuse line of audio interfaces and KeyLab-Series hybrid synthesizers to include exciting enhancements for all sorts of productions. Whether you’re a touring artist or a studio dweller, there’s something to see in these new goodies from Arturia. The
by Andrew Eisele ·Posted 01/25/2019
People have been controlling instruments long before there was even electricity. There were mechanical instruments from the 1800s, player pianos and orchestrions from the early 1900s, and the earliest synthesizers dated back to the first half of the 20th Century. By 1950, visionaries like Dr. Robert Moog and Don Buchla had created instruments that captured the hearts and minds of musicians and artists everywhere. The synthesizer market began to flourish with the advent of affordable instruments from a variety of manufacturers, including ARP,
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 10/11/2018
The Akai Professional MPK Mini is a popular MIDI controller indeed; with 25 synth-action mini keys, a four-way joystick-style controller, and some backlit MPC-style pads, the controller is perfect for mobile composers looking to bang out beats on the go. All you'd ever need is the MPK Mini and a corresponding computer. But what if you don't have a computer? Or, what if you want to leave it at home? That's where Akai's new unit comes into play. Called the
688 Views ·Posted 09/17/2018
In this video, AB is joined by Expressive E’s Arthur Bouflet, to explore the new Touché SE, a USB-powered MIDI controller that gives your software the power and feel of an acoustic instrument. If you’ve been yearning for a way to create musical sounds not possible with a standard MIDI controller, you should check out the video to see just what Touché SE can do for you. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide