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Whether it is a natural disaster or a pandemic virus, there are times when we get stuck at home for one reason or another. Some experts suggest relaxing screen time rules for youngsters, but we all know that the glowing rectangle isn't the solution for everyone, nor is it a permanent fix. For products that not only educate, but inspire, B&H Photo has what you need to engage your family, keep yourself entertained, expand horizons, and help everyone learn and grow. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education is the
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Many lay people and beginners believe, somewhat naïvely, that they have a pretty good understanding of microscopes. However, like many scientific instruments, microscopes come in many shapes and forms, with varying levels of intricacy and accuracy. And—much like many of the tools that have been around for centuries—as technology has advanced, so have microscopes. In this buyer’s guide, we’re going to discuss the many iterations of today’s microscopes, and look at the people and professions who rely on these instruments. Along the way, we’ll