Microphone Preamps

by Gabby Bloch ·Posted
If you're new to the world of audio and are wondering what a mic preamp does and whether you need one for your home studio, you're in luck. We've put this guide together to answer all of your questions. What Is a Mic Preamp? The most basic function of a mic preamplifier, or preamp, is to increase the signal from your microphone so that you get plenty of gain to achieve high-fidelity digital conversion. In fact, a mic preamp is essential if you expect to hear anything from your mic recording. Another potential function of a mic preamp is to add
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted
If you’re an audio engineer, you probably salivate at the mention of the word “Neumann”—and now you have reason to salivate anew: Neumann, the company behind many of your favorite microphones, is releasing its first microphone preamp since the 1980s. Use it on vocals, guitars, drums, bass, or anything you want to sound clear, yet vibrant—alive, yet uncolored. The Neumann V 402 has a two-channel transformerless design, one that is