micro four thirds camera

by Jason T ·Posted 02/12/2020
Building upon its legacy of compact, professional Micro Four Thirds cameras, Olympus now delivers an update to the E-M1 line with the announcement of the OM-D E-M1 Mark III Mirrorless Camera. With a new processor and loads of added features, this release should unlock even more possibilities for all types of photographers. Also released was a compact 
by John Harris ·Posted 02/12/2020
The first thing that may occur when you carry the newly announced Olympus PEN E-PL10 Mirrorless Camera is that people will ask you, “Is that a film camera?” Whether it is film is not the point (it’s digital), but the camera gets a second glance, a reaction from the casual observer, and that reaction is very positive.
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 09/20/2019
How difficult is it to be a virtually brand-new lens-manufacturing company in today’s digital world? I am guessing it is not easy. Luckily, you have the Internet available as a marketing tool, but you are also entering a competitive arena to battle for sales against several companies that are more than 100 years old and have passionate and dedicated brand loyalists as their customers. Enter 7Artisans—a true startup in the world of lens manufacturers. Many “off-
12,783 Views ·Posted 02/26/2018
In the following video, photographer David Flores takes a look at Panasonic’s new high-end photo-centric mirrorless model: the Lumix DC-G9. This Micro Four Thirds camera has many distinct features that separate it from the more video-heavy GH-series cameras, especially with updates to the body design. Flores takes the camera out to experiment with the G9’s AF speed, overall image quality, and more. We hope you enjoy the video