Mice & Pointing Devices

by Steven Wong ·Posted
In 2019, the launch of the Wacom One Creative Pen Display introduced the world to an entry-level 13.3" pen display that allowed users to make precise photo edits and draw detailed illustrations directly on a Full HD color display. Four years later, the Wacom One 13 touch Pen Display and the
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted
A coterie of new Wacom devices just landed at B&H. Two sizes of Wacom One pen tablets were announced, along with a 12-inch Wacom One pen display and a 13.3-inch Wacom One touch display. Available in white, the new Wacom One pen tablet comes in two size variations: medium and small. The Wacom One S (for small) features a 6.0 x 3.7-inch active area, while the