Memory Cards

by John-Paul Pale… ·Posted 06/12/2022
Have you recently felt the need for speed? If your workflow has hefty bandwidth requirements that involve recording raw 8K, 6K, and 4K video, Lexar has you covered with its Professional CFexpress Type B Memory Card DIAMOND Series. Available in capacities of either 128GB or 256GB, this card utilizes the PCIe 3.0 x2 / NVMe protocol to deliver a serious maximum read speed of 1900
by Mos Khan ·Posted 06/13/2022
Angelbird has announced its latest large-capacity CFexpress Type B card: the AV PRO CFexpress MK2. This card is designed to capture high bit-rate RAW video and photo files at 6K, 8K, and 12K+ resolutions and is available in
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 04/25/2022
Keeping up with the demands of modern digital cinema cameras with hefty recording formats, Lexar has just unveiled its DIAMOND Series CFexpress Type B cards—claiming to be the world’s fastest—and brand-new GOLD Series CFexpress Type A cards. These will be perfect for advanced 8K, 6K, and 4K raw workflows. DIAMOND Series CFexpress Type B card CFexpress Type B took over for professional applications, thanks to its dramatic speed boost. The DIAMOND Series takes the title of “world’s fastest” with read speeds up to 1900 MB/s. It’ll also offer
0 Plays ·Posted 03/24/2022
With much thanks for a listener’s suggestion, we invited Pete Isgrigg back to the B&H Photography Podcast for an incredibly informative conversation about memory cardsexternal hard drives, and other digital image storage solutions. Isgrigg, who
by John-Paul Pale… ·Posted 03/09/2022
Built to capture 4K video, continuous loops, time lapses, rapid photo bursts, and Protune video in devices such as dash cameras and GoPros, Delkin Devices DASHCARD UHS-I microSD Memory Card features read speeds of up to 95 MB/s and write speeds of up to 85 MB/s, meaning it can smoothly capture and offload smooth 4K, Full HD, HDR, and HFR video. Furthermore, thanks to its V30 / U3 speed class ratings, minimum write
by John-Paul Pale… ·Posted 02/16/2022
Professional photographers and videographers looking to combine strength, reliability, and performance in their high-end, CFexpress Type A cinematic host need not look further than the latest offerings from Delkin Devices, which include its BLACK and POWER CFexpress Type A memory cards, plus a CFexpress Type A & UHS-II SDXC card reader. The BLACK and
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 12/14/2021
Angelbird has announced two new CFexpress Type B media cards: the AV PRO CFexpress SE and the AV PRO CFexpress SX. Designed to give any skill level of photographer or filmmaker access to the latest technology, these media cards promise fast, reliable performance capable of supporting 8K and RAW video and photo production
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 12/13/2021
If you have been around digital things long enough, you know that not all data storage is equal. Although memory cards might look the same, you’ll see a range of prices and specs from card to card. And, when it comes to storing your valuable images, you don’t really want to take chances—you need to trust your brand of memory card. Samsung has released the latest versions of its EVO Plus UHS-I microSDXC memory cards, featuring more storage and more speed than the previous EVO lineup.
by Cory Rice ·Posted 11/23/2021
PNY has just announced the X-PRO 90 line of UHS-II SDXC memory cards, designed to keep pace with the increasing rigors of high-resolution still and video capture. Available in 64, 128, and 256GB capacities and harnessing the power of UHS-II to reach write speeds up to 280MB/s and read speeds up to 300MB/s, the X-PRO 90 is a solid card whether your job requires capturing bursts of raw stills or recording uninterrupted
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 11/24/2021
In the world of modern photography, it is exceedingly rare to come across a company like Delkin Devices—a USA-based firm that designs and manufactures its entire line of memory cards, SSD media storage,
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 11/15/2021
Angelbird Technologies GmbH is an Austrian company dedicated to making the highest-quality memory cards and storage devices on the market. While the company may fly under the radar and is likely not mentioned in discussions about “mainstream” brands of storage solutions, this is a company on the cutting edge of performance and reliability—so much so that Angelbird works in partnership to create exclusive certified products for top brands of photo and video equipment like
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 10/26/2021
ProGrade has rolled out the latest CFexpress card from its factory. The ProGrade Digital 160GB CFexpress Type A Cobalt Memory Card is designed to keep up with today’s super-high-resolution digital cameras by offering 800 MB/s read speeds and sustained write speeds of up to 400 MB/s (VPG 400), designed specifically for digital video capture. The card has a maximum write speed of 700 MB/s.
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 06/30/2021
Multimedia storage professionals for more than 25 years, Wise Advanced has created new CFexpress memory cards that keep pace with the high-capacity and high-speed demands of today’s 8K workflow videographers, as well as the blistering frame rates of still photography shooters. The company’s latest card, the Wise Advanced 2TB CFX-B Series CFexpress
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 03/19/2021
Delkin has just announced its new BLACK CFexpress Memory Cards, which combine the progressive performance and speed of the CFexpress format with the unmatched strength and fortitude of its ruggedized BLACK series. Customers familiar with Delkin’s existing line of CFexpress Memory Cards know that the CFexpress format is built for breakneck speed. The new BLACK CFexpress series continues that reputation with read/write speeds