Memory Card Readers

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Last week was a busy one, with CP+ bringing tons of exciting photography news. This week sits between CP+ and WPPI, so there isn’t too much to discuss. We have a few cool accessories to mention, namely the Core SWX NANOX series of batteries and PGYTECH Card Reader/Case Combos. In the
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Have you ever had to transfer data while in the field, but found yourself fumbling around because your memory cards were stored in one case while your card reader was a separate device? To help bridge the gap between card holders and card readers, PGYTECH has introduced the CreateMate CFexpress Type A/SD Card Reader Case and
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In the final part of this series, Sony Artisan of Imagery Tony Gale shares his entire post-production workflow. You'll learn how to transfer, organize, import, backup, edit, export, and distribute your photos. 0:00 - Introduction 7:51 - In This Webinar 8:39 - Transferring to a Computer 13:09 - Importing, Renaming, Organizing Images 19:09 - Backing Up Files 21:54 - Rating Images 25:05 - Different Editing Apps 26:55 - Editing in Sony Imaging Edge 33:32 - Editing in Capture One 38:48 - Editing in Lightroom Classic 44:42 - Retouching and Exporting
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Austrian storage device maker Angelbird has released a trio of high-performance, high-capacity SDXC cards to meet the ever-growing data demand of today's creatives—especially those shooting very high-resolution videos. The newly released cards include the Angelbird 1TB AV Pro MK2 V60 UHS-II SDXC memory card,
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Professional photographers and videographers looking to combine strength, reliability, and performance in their high-end, CFexpress Type A cinematic host need not look further than the latest offerings from Delkin Devices, which include its BLACK and POWER CFexpress Type A memory cards, plus a CFexpress Type A & UHS-II SDXC card reader. The BLACK and
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In the world of modern photography, it is exceedingly rare to come across a company like Delkin Devices—a USA-based firm that designs and manufactures its entire line of memory cards, SSD media storage,
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Capture more raw 4K and Full HD video, as well as raw still images and bursts, with the Lexar 512GB Professional CFexpress Type-B Memory Card. Designed to leverage the capabilities of next-generation cameras, this card utilizes the PCIe 3.0 and NVMe protocols to deliver durability, reliability, and high-speed transfers, with reads of up to 1750 MB/s and write of up to 1000 MB/s. All of this will help to not
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Work quickly and efficiently with Delkin Devices’ 1TB CFexpress POWER Memory Card and USB 3.1 Gen 2 CFexpress Memory Card Reader. The CFexpress card provides read speeds of up to 1730 MB/s and write speeds of up to 1430 MB/s, making it suitable for professional photo and video work,
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The Atech Flash Technology BLACKJET card reader modules allow for a flexible and comprehensive storage workflow with the BLACKJET TX-4DS Cinema Dock system. Four rugged modules of the same size and design are available and can each be installed into any of the four slots in the Cinema Dock. They include a Dual SD Card module,
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CFexpress is here! Well, almost. SanDisk has become the first company to officially launch a line of Extreme PRO CFexpress Cards here at B&H and they are now available for preorder with an expected ship date sometime later this year. These cards are the next generation of media and are rated to hit some incredibly fast speeds. Also, alongside these new cards is a necessary
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To promote its new line of Canvas memory cards, Kingston is offering a free MobileLite G4 card reader with the purchase of any Canvas Go! or Canvas React memory cards with at least 128GB of storage. This includes SD