Matte Box Solutions

by Stepan Andranikian ·Posted
If you have been involved in filmmaking, the chances are good that you’ve seen a matte box. But you may be wondering, what exactly do these contraptions do? Other than being a cool-looking headpiece for your camera rig, matte boxes have a variety of useful functions that can elevate the quality of your shooting experience and your captured imagery. From manipulating light, adding creative flair to your visuals, and protecting your front lens element, a matte box is an invaluable filmmaking tool that makes a DP’s life easier. Light Control
by Jordan Gallant ·Posted
Bright Tangerine has announced the Misfit Kick Mk II multi-configurable matte box system. An upgraded version of the Misfit Kick matte box, the Mk II features improved tool-less transition from 2- to 3-stage filter applications and a redesigned spring system in the core unit.