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On Monday, June 5, 2023, Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) showcased a slate of brand-new hardware including a 15" MacBook Air, a Mac Studio with M2 Max, and the latest Apple silicon called M2 Ultra, which finds its way to both
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The Mac Pro is the flagship model in Apple’s stable of well-designed computers and, as indicated by its name, the model intended for professional use, especially in creative fields such as video, photo, audio, design, animation, and more. Like most things at the top end of a company’s range, the Mac Pro is one of those computers that received a huge amount of attention when it was released, in late 2019. This new model saw a return to the more modular and squarish form factor of
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We test the new Mac Pro, showing you its specs, layout, and expandability. Then, we test the 2019 Mac Pro against the 2013 model while exporting in Premiere Pro CC. What do you think of Apple's new Mac Pro 2019? Learn more at B&H Explora:- Apple's 2019 Mac Pro: The Ultimate Photo Workstation-
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A return to form is what I would call the Mac Pro (Late 2019). Not only does it return to a familiar tower form factor, it also makes a statement as one of the most powerful and beautiful computers on which you can edit. A bounty of configuration options for graphics, memory, storage, and processing means that the new Mac Pro can fit in anywhere, from a freelance videographer/editor's home office to a professional editing studio that handles the latest 8K films from Hollywood.
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Like aged cheese to fine wine, Apple’s Pro Display XDR was developed with its updated Mac Pro in mind to offer users a perfect pairing of creative expression. Built with a 32" IPS panel, it features a 6016 by 3384 6K resolution with Retina display technology that’s known for producing crisp, vivid images on our phones, tablets, and laptops. However, it’s not all about packing pixels. The XDR in its name stands for Extreme Dynamic Range and is essentially
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Apple’s redesigned Mac Pro (Late 2019) defines what a modular workstation is. With a chassis that is based on flexibility and utility, Apple has done away with the cylindrical form factor of the 2013 Mac Pro and brought back the tower design that was used from 2006-2012. However, while the Mac Pro tower has returned, this new rendition is anything but ordinary. Apple built a system that can change as your needs do, giving users a great amount of control over the assembly and
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Everything about the new Mac Pro tower makes a commanding statement, sending a clear message that Apple is ready to dominate the professional market once again. Not only is it engineered for ultimate performance, but its modular design empowers the demanding engineer with the freedom to customize and expand the Mac Pro effortlessly according to their unique needs. Whether you’re scoring soundtracks, producing chart-topping hits, or mixing on the dub stage for a feature film, the
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In developing the Mac Pro (Late 2019), Apple has unveiled a true digital darkroom for photographers with intensive imaging needs. Perhaps your photo workflow involves a Lightroom library that is tens of terabytes in size and spans multiple RAID arrays, or you’re working with large raw files from the cameras such as the Sony a7R IV or FUJIFILM GFX 100. Maybe you’re digitizing 35mm or 120 roll film, or large-format sheet film with an optical resolution of 8000 dpi, and then
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Learn how to handle data-intensive 4K workflows properly with Doug Guerra in this second 4K Production Series installment. From ingestion to data wrangling and encoding, a great deal must be considered to keep an organized dataset. Some general NLE guidelines are also discussed to help you along. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at