Mac Desktops

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We put the new M2 Mac Studio to the test. How fast can the M2 Mac Studio export video in different codecs across different editing software? The results may surprise you (in a good way). 0:00 - Introduction  0:31 – In-Depth Specs  1:44 - Speed Test in Adobe Premiere  3:13 - Speed Test in Davinci Resolve  4:33 - Speed Test Using Software Encoding  6:38 - CPU & GPU Usage  7:28 - M2 Ultra Mac Pro Tower  7:55 - Benefits of the M2 Mac Studio  8:16 - Final Thoughts Are you planning on
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Apple's product lineup has evolved quite a bit, with more options today than at any point in the company's history. Choosing the right device can be intimidating for the first-time buyer or aspiring professional. This guide is meant for anyone hoping to incorporate a Mac into their creative workflow and should help you break down and more easily identify which device might be right for you. There are currently six categories that comprise the Mac universe: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro. Of course, within
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Apple and lenses! Apple launched new Macs at WWDC, Sigma showed off a 14mm f/1.4 lens, and IRIX has a 150mm macro and 15mm on the way. Week of June 4, 2023 Apple stole a fair bit of the news cycle this week with its annual WWDC conference. This year’s was a doozy. The brand not only released a new 15" MacBook Air,
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On Monday, June 5, 2023, Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) showcased a slate of brand-new hardware including a 15" MacBook Air, a Mac Studio with M2 Max, and the latest Apple silicon called M2 Ultra, which finds its way to both