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The announcement of QSC’s next-generation L Class loudspeakers and subwoofer, which deliver exceptional performance and an extraordinary audio experience, will certainly turn some heads. This advanced system features high-output amplification, state-of-the-art DSP, premium components, extensive system intelligence, and an elegantly intuitive user interface. The L Class sets a new standard for ease of use because its users will be able to configure and deploy any L Class system confidently with unmatched speed and reliability. Developed with
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Mackie announced the next evolution of its incredibly popular, high-powered PA system, the Thump Series Loudspeakers and Subwoofers, with more power, capabilities, and bang for your buck than ever before. With audio professionals in mind, the Thump Series has been completely redesigned from the ground up with heavy duty drivers, 1400W amplifiers, and powerful tools to make your next gig easier. There are six offerings, including
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If you run sound for medium-sized live shows, houses of worship, and similar venues, getting a good sound just got a whole lot easier: Mackie just released new active loudspeakers that are durable, tunable, insanely powerful, sonically accurate, and quite easy-to-use. These speakers even stream audio over Bluetooth! Dubbed the V-Class SRM Powered Loudspeakers, each speaker pushes 2000W of power—which is a resounding amount of sound. Their class-D amplifier circuits offer transparent limiting at the loudest levels, so you never have to suffer
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Great news for audio engineers, musicians, and home recordists! Mackie has released a bevy of new products for live sound, including ProFXv3 mixers and the SRM-Flex wireless column loudspeaker. Designed to cover everything from small presentations to DJ setups to large bands, these Mackie goodies offer a winning combination of versatility, sonic performance, and affordability. First up are the ProFXv3 Series mixers, available in configurations with
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Following its success with the reputed K Series, QSC raises the bar again by announcing the new K.2 Series, the company’s anticipated next generation of powered loudspeakers. Also, introduced this spring is the new KS212C, a single-box powered cardioid subwoofer. The K.2 Series features the 8" K8.2, the 10" K10.2, and the 12"