Live Streaming Techniques

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The following is a how-to guide for setting up a quality livestream from home using just a couple of affordable pieces of gear. While a basic guide, it covers in detail all the key things you need to do to get up and running with a reliable stream. We’ll focus on using an affordable USB webcam, a simple USB mic or a headset, and the free OBS application for connecting to popular streaming services like YouTube Live. Internet First of all, how good is your Internet? You’ll be able to test this in the OBS application as we’ll describe at the end
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Have you thought about live streaming but aren't sure where to start? Or have you already started, and are now ready to up your game and take your live show “pro?” In this class, we explore the hardware-streaming solutions from Epiphan Video, starting with the low-cost Webcaster X2 for streaming to Facebook or YouTube from any HDMI camera, and finish with the