Live Sound Gear

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For me, playing guitar has always been a way to share an afternoon or evening with others, expressly devoid of politics or religion, conversational topics I avoid for political and religious reasons. Music is a common language that is its own form of communication, so in the spring of 2001, I joined an online discussion forum, sponsored by an industry magazine. I was thrilled by the idea of engaging with like-minded musicians who would be only too happy to discuss music, guitars, gear (“What strings should I use?”), songwriting, technique,
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JBL has announced its latest edition to the IRX-Series powered portable PA system, the IRX115S Compact Powered 15" Portable Subwoofer, which has been created to complement the IRX108BT and IRX112BT full-range powered tops. The
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At NAMM 2020, AB takes a look at the best new Live Sound and DJ equipment at the show: new mixers, turntables, speakers, and more topped our list this year.   More about NAMM 2020: B&H Explora