Live Sound

by Trevor Collins ·Posted 03/01/2023
As the available bandwidth in the wireless world becomes increasingly crowded, professionals need more and more flexible tools to meet their demands. Shure’s new GLX-D+ Dual-Band Digital Wireless System is well equipped for the task, expanding the original GLX-D system into the 5.8 GHz range.
by Robert Rives ·Posted 05/11/2022
Musicians, performers, and system integrators looking for a wireless in-ear monitoring solution that delivers accurate sound and reliable performance are going to be very excited to hear about the new 3000 Series Wireless IEM System from Audio-Technica. This powerful yet cost-effective system operates in the DF2 band (470 to 608 MHz) of the UHF frequency spectrum, far away from potential Wi-Fi and cell phone interference
by Robert Rives ·Posted 04/26/2022
It's clear there’s a growing segment of musicians and performers working on smaller stages who are considering switching to wireless in-ear monitoring, but concerns about expensive, complicated, and/or unreliable systems have kept them from making the move. If this sounds familiar, then you’re going to want to check out Sennheiser’s new XSW Wireless IEM systems, engineered to provide clear sound you can count on, while being easy
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 08/05/2021
Mobile PAs have some endemic problems—limited inputs and outputs, limited built-in effects, subpar Bluetooth performance, and acoustics that leave a lot to be desired. JBL is hoping to change that with its PRX ONE mobile PA system for midsize live events. With a clear and powerful performance, an extensive seven-channel mixer built in, a full suite of effects from renowned manufacturers, and more, the JBL PRX ONE is sure to be a hit
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 01/18/2021
When it comes to live sound mixers that punch above their class and perform day and night, Mackie immediately comes to mind. Though it has been quite a while since we've seen an analog Mackie mixer emblazoned with the Onyx name, the new Onyx Series will be a welcome sight for touring bands, engineers, home recordists, and content creators. These premium analog mixers combine upscale audio performance with powerful USB multitrack recording and playback, and since
by Jason T ·Posted 11/25/2020
If you’re a musician who is thinking about taking your show on the road, a sound mixer may be on your wish list. If you don’t know where to start, I have some good news—you’re in the right place. What’s a Mixer Anyway? In simple terms, a mixer allows you to blend or “mix” multiple audio signals together from different sources, such as microphones, guitars, and keyboards, and you can polish each sound independently with tools such as equalizers, and effects like reverb and echo. You can then send that audio to external devices, such as powered
by Andrew Eisele ·Posted 11/12/2020
JBL has announced its latest edition to the IRX-Series powered portable PA system, the IRX115S Compact Powered 15" Portable Subwoofer, which has been created to complement the IRX108BT and IRX112BT full-range powered tops. The
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 10/27/2020
Mobile DJs, singers, performing musicians, and bands running their own PA systems need high-quality sound reinforcement that can reach their audiences without sacrificing portability or simplicity. So, if you want that and you're hoping to avoid lugging around a vanload of speakers, stands, and cables, you should strongly consider the Bose® GrandPrix family, which offers three L1 Pro™ line array systems and two modular subwoofers to satisfy the demands of various live performance
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 02/18/2020
For those of you with more sophisticated wireless needs, check out these items from Professional Wireless Systems, now available at B&H. You may be looking to orchestrate wireless sound for large concert venues, or for multi-room facilities that require different settings for each individual space. Making these complicated connections can be difficult in the wireless world, but
198 Views ·Posted 01/20/2020
At NAMM 2020, AB takes a look at the best new Live Sound and DJ equipment at the show: new mixers, turntables, speakers, and more topped our list this year.   More about NAMM 2020: B&H Explora
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 01/16/2020
You're in luck if you're a guitarist, synthesizer player, hobbyist keyboardist, professional keyboard player, live-sound engineer, or headphone-using DJ, because Korg has a bevy of new products available for you—and you can see them directly by clicking this link. There are so many products to cover, so let’s get started without any delay. First in the spotlight are Korg’s SV-2 lines of stage pianos, complete with built-in speakers if you want to practice at home. Coming in
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 01/16/2020
Based on its successful EVOLVE 50, Electro-Voice has announced the new smaller and lighter EVOLVE 30M portable column loudspeaker, just in time for the NAMM 2020 show. Whether running sound at solo shows, clubs, and coffee shops, or serving up a fresh mix for small ensembles, performing groups, or presentations, the EVOLVE 30M makes it easy to get good tone, reach your audience, and move to the next gig.
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 01/09/2020
If you run sound for medium-sized live shows, houses of worship, and similar venues, getting a good sound just got a whole lot easier: Mackie just released new active loudspeakers that are durable, tunable, insanely powerful, sonically accurate, and quite easy-to-use. These speakers even stream audio over Bluetooth! Dubbed the V-Class SRM Powered Loudspeakers, each speaker pushes 2000W of power—which is a resounding amount of sound. Their class-D amplifier circuits offer transparent limiting at the loudest levels, so you never have to suffer
by Staff Writer ·Posted 09/26/2019
Great news for audio engineers, musicians, and home recordists! Mackie has released a bevy of new products for live sound, including ProFXv3 mixers and the SRM-Flex wireless column loudspeaker. Designed to cover everything from small presentations to DJ setups to large bands, these Mackie goodies offer a winning combination of versatility, sonic performance, and affordability. First up are the ProFXv3 Series mixers, available in configurations with
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 09/06/2019
Front of House or “FOH” is where the magic of the mix happens for live stage applications. In venues around the world, from the most intimate club to the largest arena, mixing engineers at FOH are relied upon to deliver a powerful, impactful, and exciting audio experience for the audience. Of course, a mixing engineer needs a suitable mixing console to do that. Whether it’s for a lighting tech who gets nominated for sound duty or a veteran A1 embarking on a world tour, B&H has bountiful options from companies such as Allen & Heath,