Lighting Effects

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If you want to up your cinematic lighting game, then the Taiko 2x1 LED Light by Luxli is right for you! Jake and Bobby take you behind the scenes on a Soh Daiko taiko drum video shoot, where they use various Luxli lights in their setup. Learn how to get the most from these versatile tools, then watch the entire performance here. Learn more about the Luxli Taiko
by Online Videos ·Posted 09/13/2017
Rounding off fashion week, B&H takes a look at how makeup and lighting work together for successful fashion shoots. In this video, Cory Rice, a writer for the B&H Explora Blog, works with celebrity makeup artist Moani Lee and discusses how to combine makeup and lighting to create strong images in natural and artificial lighting setups.
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 10/30/2017
Let us be serious hereā€”the holidays are no time for fooling around, especially Halloween. If you are looking for that last-minute gift for the video maker in your life, party ideas, or just planning for next year, here are a few treats for you. Atmosphere Whether you are shooting a film, throwing a party, or just looking to make an entrance, nothing sets the mood quite like fog. While the thought of a fog machine may conjure images of someone in a bee-keeper outfit with some odd contraption that is a cross between a tea kettle, charcoal-fired
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 12/01/2022
Photographing holiday lights and candles is one of the most fun holiday adventures any photographer can have and a great way to explore and enjoy the festive lights in your neighborhood and home. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your captures of holiday lights while you wait to receive gifts from your B&H wish list! 1. Use Low-Light / Night Photography Techniques The best time to view holiday lights is when the lights go down (indoors and outside). Therefore, you will benefit from the tried-and-true practices of