Lighting Accessories

by Cory Rice ·Posted 02/03/2021
Canon has announced Version 2 of its Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT, adding a handful of features to the wireless remote. The new version will now include wireless rear curtain synchronization for creative capture of moving subjects, an extended minimum output of 1/8192 for refining flash power, and FE memory for recalling settings for repeated use. The new ST-E3-RT maintains the same physical design and operability as its
by Cory Rice ·Posted 09/29/2023
There are countless ways to modify light sources to achieve the exact image you want to create. While softboxes, umbrellas, and beauty dishes (deservedly) get much love from portrait photographers, they are far from the only means of adjusting and shaping light. Scrims and
by Cory Rice ·Posted 09/24/2020
The creative photographer can produce a seemingly endless range of images using just one light source. This article is designed to help beginners choose a one-light kit perfect for creating portraits. Why One Light? I completely understand why multi-light “studio in a box” kits are tempting to beginner and budget-conscience photographers. Why spend hundreds of dollars on one light when you can get three lights complete with modifiers and stands for the same price? The answer is twofold: quality and necessity. While I am all for finding budget-
by Bjorn Petersen ·Posted 05/20/2020
Up your remote conferencing or vlogging game with Smith-Victor’s Work-From-Home AV Kits, which include a bevy of accessories to have you looking and sounding your best for at-home video calls and presentations. The Basic Smartphone / Ring Light Desktop Kit includes a 9" bi-color LED ring light to provide some additional light on your face, and a tilt adapter and light stand let you
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 05/01/2018
If you haven’t started using radio triggers when you shoot weddings, you should do so right now. There have never been more high-quality radio systems on the market than right now, and many brands are equipping their lights with built-in receivers that make it so that you don’t even need to carry a bag of PocketWizards around. Considering that the equipment is affordable and effective, and it can eliminate the need for wires or unreliable optical systems, you need to get a move-on and upgrade your lighting kit. A good example for a modern
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 08/09/2023
Whether you just picked up your first mirrorless camera or you've been partying with your Canon DSLR for years, there are always a few toys you haven't managed to add to your collection and a couple you haven't even thought of yet. Here are a few I would recommend to anyone who is looking to fill out their wish list for the coming holidays, for nearly any type of photographer. Protective Cloths/Lens Wraps Okay, this is definitely my favorite item on the list and I can tell you that if you don't already have a
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 09/27/2017
Take your studio lighting setup out on location, with the ELB 1200 Power Pack, from Elinchrom. This sleekly designed and relatively compact unit offers an excellent 1200Ws of output combined with a durable design that make it a great option for photographers who are constantly on the move. It also runs on rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs, making it ideal for remote shoots where extension cables or generators are not viable
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 07/18/2017
Slim, lightweight, and super soft, the Rpad-450 series of circular LED fixtures from GVB will help photographers create beautiful scenes and flatter their subjects. They accomplish this super soft look by using integrated diffusion, and the circular design helps create natural-looking rounded catchlights. Users will even be able to light in tight spaces because the lights measure only 17.7 x 2.2" in size, and can run on batteries
by Allan Weitz ·Posted 07/19/2017
Savage has announced a trio of new products for use in the studio, as well as on location. The Savage 700W LED Studio Light Kit consists of two umbrella AC sockets with 50W LED lamps attached to them. Combined, the lamps emit the equivalent of 700W of continuous daylight-balanced light. The kit’s LED lamps, which can last for up to 20,000 hours, never get hot (only warm at best), maintain a constant CRI of 92, and can be turned on, off, or
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 05/16/2017
Embrace truly soft LED lighting that doesn’t require any additional diffusion with Fotodiox’s line of Pro FACTOR LED Studio Lights. By setting the LEDs farther back into the fixture and away from the built-in diffusion panel, these lights can produce a high output without multiple shadows or hotspots, which also makes it more comfortable for your subjects. All the Pro FACTOR lights feature an enhanced bi-color design, which helps maximize power throughout the 3200-
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 10/26/2023
When you start getting extremely close to your subject, you may run into some difficulty with lighting. This could be because your large lights can't get into position easily, you can't get the type of lighting you want, or you are so close that you are casting a shadow. There are solutions to these problems, and each has its own unique capabilities and look that will help you bring your macro photography up a notch. Let's start things off with something you probably already have in your bag, an
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 05/09/2017
You know what’s handy? The newest 22" Circular Collapsible Reflectors from Impact, and not just because they have handles. This size allows for much easier placement in tight spaces or when working with small objects. They also collapse to a much more manageable size for storage, especially if you reside in a cramped New York City apartment. Making them a breeze to handle are the two handles on each side which, as a bonus,
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 02/22/2017
Keep your Profoto Air System and Nikon camera working in perfect sync with the new firmware, version B7. Easily downloaded from the Profoto website and installed via the Air Remote TTL-N’s USB connection, this update ensures full support for the D5 and D500 DSLRs. Also, it fixes an auto-power-off bug, along with some more minor issues.
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 12/01/2022
Photographing holiday lights and candles is one of the most fun holiday adventures any photographer can have and a great way to explore and enjoy the festive lights in your neighborhood and home. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your captures of holiday lights while you wait to receive gifts from your B&H wish list! 1. Use Low-Light / Night Photography Techniques The best time to view holiday lights is when the lights go down (indoors and outside). Therefore, you will benefit from the tried-and-true practices of