lens mount adapters

by Jordan Gallant ·Posted
Do you find yourself saying "They don't make movies like they used to?" Does your Letterboxd contain titles like The Godfather or Alien? Do you want to achieve an anamorphic style in your videography without buying a whole new lens set? Look no further than the Tuner Variable Look Lens Attachments from Module 8. The tuners come in three subsets to achieve a vintage cinema feel with your cinema grade equipment. The L1,
by Jordan Gallant ·Posted
Introducing DZOFILM’s Marlin 1.6x Expander Series, allowing you to use your Super35 PL lenses with various full-frame cameras no matter the mount type. Included with this launch are five different adapter types: PL Lens to PL-Mount Camera, PL Lens to LPL-Mount Camera,
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted
Metabones practically created the market for speed booster adapters, and the company continue to grow and support them with four new Cine Speed Boost, and a non-speed-boosting lens adapter. Bring more flexibility and possibility to your shooting with the Blackmagic Design Pocket 4K, and FUJIFILM G-Mount GFX camera. Use the CINE Ultra PL Adapter to put PL mount lenses on your BMPCC 4K camera; likewise, use the