LED Lighting

by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 06/16/2023
Lights, stands, and a silver Leica round out a week filled with the latest hands-on reviews. Week of June 11, 2023 In terms of news, this week was relatively uneventful, but that doesn't mean there weren't any announcements of significance. Lowel is back with a larger TOTA LED XL Flood Light, Impact has some neat Link Air-
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 05/19/2023
RED debuts upgraded KOMODO-X, Mackie shows off the DLZ Creator adaptive digital audio mixer, and Hobolite is now available at B&H. Week of May 14, 2023 Nikon's huge Z8 announcement last week caused so much excitement that we are still producing new content about it. But there are some key new items that have caught the world's attention this week. RED is at the top for us, with an upgraded
by Rebecca Melville ·Posted 03/27/2023
Godox just announced two new lighting solutions for photographers who wish to push the boundaries of their creativity on land or under the sea. The WT series offers an array of dive tube lights in various lengths, allowing photographers to enjoy the flexibility of a tube light at up to 40m underwater. Available in daylight and
by Rebecca Melville ·Posted 03/01/2023
Godox has added three new Bi-Color LED Monolights to its already impressive lineup of lighting products: the SL150III BI, SL200III BI, and the SL300III BI. Promising high color fidelity, seamless control, and a
by Cory Rice ·Posted 01/10/2023
Nanlite has announced second-generation PavoTubes and Forza LEDs, as well as a pair of new FS-series lights. The new PavoTube II 15C and 30C serve as significant upgrades to their predecessors—including wider CCT ranges, incremental Green-Magenta adjustment, more effects, and wireless control via Bluetooth or 2.4G wireless. The Forza line also
0 Views ·Posted 12/22/2022
Building on the success of the Nanlux Evoke 1200, the 1200B is an LED bi-color spot light that offers superb lighting quality and raw power. Join Doug Guerra in the studio as he tries three different setups using this light, as well as others. 0:00 - Introduction and Specs 1:31 - Setup 1: Sunrise 3:25 - Setup 2: Club/Lounge 6:08 - Setup 3: Rainy Day 9:27 - More Specs 14:16 - Final
0 Views ·Posted 12/21/2022
Godox has released the MG1200-Bi LED, the most powerful light to join the Knowled lineup to date. Built for productions requiring bright, durable sources, this bi-color LED features full-power draw across color temperatures, 0.1% stepless dimming, and IP54-certified weather resistance. Whether you’ll be lighting a spacious interior or night exterior, the MG1200-Bi promises impressive and consistent output.
by Jordan Gallant ·Posted 12/13/2022
Zhiyun-Tech is sending us back to a galaxy far, far away with its new and improved FIVERAY F100 Tube Light and its familiar, lightsaber-esque shape. Your forays into new creative lighting configurations and terrains are assured to be well-lit with the FIVERAY F100 and the FIVERAY M40 in your kit. For direct, on-camera
by Rebecca Melville ·Posted 12/07/2022
Zhiyun-Tech has unveiled its new Fiveray LEDs, providing new inventive and portable lighting solutions for creators on the go. This lineup includes the Pocket LED Light, as well as Light Sticks available in black or 
0 Views ·Posted 11/25/2022
Let's take a look at the Knowled M600Bi Bi-Color LED Monolight, Godox's most powerful Knowled light to date! Perfect for studio, film, or TV production, this LED light's powerful brightness and color accuracy allow for flexibility in a variety of settings. 0:00 - Introduction 0:22 - Specs 4:17 - Outro
0 Views ·Posted 11/24/2022
SmallRig is rolling out its latest generation of COB LED video lights, continuing its legacy of quality in the pro lighting sphere. Utilizing the “AstralTech” optical system, this fleet of RC 350 and RC 450 COB lights, available in either Bi-Color or Daylight configurations, builds upon SmallRig’s previous RC 220 series with new
by Cory Rice ·Posted 11/17/2022
Quasar Science has added two new mounting systems for combining and controlling Crossfade X and Rainbow-series tube lights. The Ossium Shell creates shapeable two- or four-light banks at lengths of two or four feet. For jobs requiring greater output, the
by Cory Rice ·Posted 11/28/2022
The Forza 60C adds a splash of color to Nanlite’s ever-evolving lineup of LEDs for filmmakers and photographers. Standing out for its six-color RGBLAC design, the 60C boasts a wide 1800-20000K CCT range and practically limitless spectrum of bright, saturated colors. It completes the 60-series trifecta joining the 60 (daylight
by Robert Sansivero ·Posted 11/09/2022
An LED light panel is among the most versatile tools a vlogger, indie filmmaker, or photographer can use. But how do you know which type of panel is right for your needs? Today, LED panels have more bells and whistles to choose from than ever before: a rainbow of colors, special effects, power options, and even strobe functionality. With so many features on the market, choosing a panel can quickly become a challenge. But worry not, I’m here to help. In my work as a photographer and DP, I use a variety of LED panels—and not always the way they
by Cory Rice ·Posted 10/21/2022
Hard light is like a cup of black coffee: pure, raw, exhilarating. Put in the hands of a skilled cinematographer, it can smother a scene with tension, develop a character faster than words, or steer an audience's eyes across the film screen. It is the boldest flavor of light but, like that cup of black coffee, its edge can be softened by adding the right ingredients. Figure 1: Hard light oozes drama Jake