Lavalier Microphones

by Trevor Collins ·Posted 03/01/2023
As the available bandwidth in the wireless world becomes increasingly crowded, professionals need more and more flexible tools to meet their demands. Shure’s new GLX-D+ Dual-Band Digital Wireless System is well equipped for the task, expanding the original GLX-D system into the 5.8 GHz range.
0 Views ·Posted 02/15/2023
Small yet mighty, discreet yet powerful, lav microphones (also known as lapel mics) are perfect in studio or on location. In this video, Gabriel Richards offers general tips and tricks as he explains when and when not to use lav mics and how to set them up! 0:00 - About Lavalier Microphones 0:38 - When and When Not to Use 1:47 - How to Set Up and Use 2:43 - Lav Mic Tips 3:50 - Final Thoughts Not sure if a lavalier or
0 Views ·Posted 01/30/2023
Lavalier or shotgun microphone: which one should you use for your interview? There are pros and cons for each and in this B&H video, Gabriel Richards discusses the benefits and drawbacks so you can make an informed decision. 0:00 - Introduction 0:24 - Lav Microphones 1:51 - Shotgun Microphones 3:13 - Richards’
by Robert Rives ·Posted 10/11/2022
Shure is expanding its lineup of subminiature Plex microphones with a new cardioid lavalier model, the UniPlex UL4, featuring durable, interference-resistant Shure Plex cabling and a directional pick-up pattern that’s well suited to broadcast and presentation applications where bleed and feedback issues need to be minimized.
by Robert Rives ·Posted 07/22/2022
Content creators looking for an easy-to-use and cost-effective wireless microphone system would do well to consider the new U6 from Xvive. This digital system operates in the in the 2.4 GHz range, provides high-quality 24-bit / 48 kHz audio, and sports a tiny transmitter with a built-in omnidirectional microphone, making it easy to attach to your subject quickly for quick on-the-go interviews and
by Robert Rives ·Posted 11/24/2021
Today, our Australian friends at RØDE have added a little more cheer to the holiday season with the announcement of their new Lavalier II Microphone, a premium lav aimed at content creators and offering a distinctly different appearance than their Lavalier GO,
by Eric Calvi ·Posted 11/01/2021
Audio-Technica has introduced a new line of durable, subminiature BP899 omnidirectional and BP898 cardioid condenser lavalier microphones with a variety of termination options for wired or wireless use. The microphones’ wide dynamic range and tolerance for high sound-pressure
by Eric Calvi ·Posted 06/28/2021
Xvive introduces the new U5 dual-channel, digital wireless lavalier microphone systems for DSLR cameras and other audio devices. Meticulously designed in the USA by the company’s team of legendary audio engineers, they offer a versatile, wireless audio solution for video production and speech-recording applications, including interviews, podcasts, weddings, on-stage speaking, webinars, lectures, YouTube videos, and livestreams.
0 Views ·Posted 05/23/2021
A.B. takes a look at Audio-Technica’s 4th Generation 3000 Wireless Microphone System, which sports a handful of pro features for a variety of audio applications. If you're a musician, live sound engineer, worship leader, or anyone looking for a powerful and versatile microphone setup, check out this video to find out why this system could be a great choice for your wireless
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 05/26/2021
With Shure’s TwinPlex and DuraPlex subminiature 5mm lapel and headset microphones, you can achieve standout sonic performance for theater, stage, broadcast, and film applications without worry of the elements interfering. This winning combination of highly regarded Shure sound quality and ultra-reliable performance in adverse conditions makes
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 04/30/2021
Whether you’re capturing dialogue for film, television, or theater productions, you need a professional solution for keeping lapel mics out of sight, securely mounted, and free from friction noise and vibrations. Thankfully, Bubblebee Industries has such a solution that’s not only top-tier, but also environmentally friendly. These latest Lav Concealers are custom made for Sony ECM-77, Deity W.Lav Micro, and Deity W.Lav Pro lavalier microphones, and each model is available in black,
0 Views ·Posted 11/22/2020
A.B. takes a look at the Saramonic Blink 500 Pro B2, a wireless lavalier microphone system and an upgrade to the original Blink 500 series. With built-in OLED displays, better mics, and extended range, this is a great wireless mic system for YouTube videos, livestreaming, or a variety of other recording applications! How do you see yourself using the Blink 500 Pro B2? Share your thoughts in the Comments section, below, then 
0 Views ·Posted 10/22/2020
A.B. takes a quick look at Shure's SLXD Digital Wireless Mic System, which comes in several configurations that make it a good choice for installation sound in small-to-medium-size venues. Whether you work as a sound engineer in a house of worship or as a gigging DJ in need of a robust, reliable wireless mic system, the SLXD has several features that make it more than capable of handling a variety of audio applications
0 Views ·Posted 07/19/2020
A.B. takes an in-depth look at Comica's BoomX-D D2 Wireless Mic System, which could be one of the best bang-for-your-buck purchases as a content creator. This wireless microphone system comes with two transmitters, a receiver, a lavalier microphone, smartphone and camera cables, wind furries, a charging cable, and more.
by Eric Calvi ·Posted 09/04/2019
Making videos for YouTube, Facebook Live, and other online video platforms? Of course you are; creating content is what you do! But “content” encompasses many things, with scenarios ranging from reviews and instructional videos in the studio, to travel vlogs, on-location shoots, or run-and-gun interviews at trade shows—all requiring different microphone setups. You know that your audio quality can make or break your video piece, but what system should you use to get the best sound possible, no matter the location or situation? Should you go