Instant Film

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This is a fun conversation—very informative, and gets the creative chemistries gellin’. Our guest on today’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast is Rhiannon Adam and, if there is anyone who knows more about instant film photography, I don’t want to meet them. Adam brings a wealth of researched knowledge about the history of the Polaroid company and also simple but
by Bjorn Petersen ·Posted 01/26/2022
Marrying its digital and instant film systems, FUJIFILM’s INSTAX MINI EVO seems to get a lot right about what makes a successful instant film camera. It’s funny that much of what makes this camera successful is a healthy dose of inspiration from the brand’s mirrorless X system of cameras. Characterized by its retro looks and 100 distinct combinations of creative lens and film effects, this camera keeps what’s fun about instant film
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 11/30/2021
Why would you use an instant printer to print your photographs? Most people immediately visualize taking a snapshot of a friend or loved one and handing them a photograph—and that is an absolutely perfect answer to the question. However, since many of us have gotten accustomed to the print-free life of digital photography, it might be good to brainstorm and discuss some uses for the photographic print—specifically, but not limited to, the FUJIFILM INSTAX instant
by Jason T. ·Posted 10/13/2021
Back with a new addition to its hugely popular line of portable instant cameras and printers, FUJIFILM brings you the INSTAX Link WIDE printer, which allows you to print any image from your smartphone in seconds, using INSTAX Wide Film. INSTAX Link WIDE Printer in Ash White Like the entire FUJIFILM INSTAX line, the new Link WIDE printer is, most essentially, about one thing—fun. In a world where Instagram and Snapchat reign
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Oozing all the retro style you’d expect from FUJIFILM, the new INSTAX Mini 40 is the latest sleek and fun camera in the company’s INSTAX instant film lineup. Despite its trendy and classic appearance, the Mini 40 is built to be as intuitive as possible for an instant film camera—it’s really just a point-and-shoot in the clearest sense of the term. It’s a stylish camera that’s fun to use, easy to carry, and perfect for producing those oh-
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 02/11/2021
We asked some long-time film-shooting B&H experts and B&H Creators: What is your favorite film/camera combination? Below are their answers and their photos. Don’t forget to check out the B&H Used Department, where you might be able to grab some of the cameras mentioned below! Allan Weitz, B&H — @allanweitz “If I
by Allan Weitz ·Posted 02/25/2020
FUJIFILM has just released INSTAX Mini 11 that has so many improvements, they skipped a number when choosing its name. It is available in a choice of five colors (Blush pink, Charcoal Gray,
by Staff Writer ·Posted 10/04/2019
To celebrate the upcoming release of Disney’s Frozen 2 (November 22, 2019) and Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (December 20, 2019), Fujifilm has introduced a pair of themed INSTAX Mini 9 cameras with matching themed Mini film packs. The
by Bjorn Petersen ·Posted 07/25/2019
FUJIFILM’s series of INSTAX Mini cameras have been some of the most popular cameras of the past few years, despite their being instant film cameras. There is the simple pleasure of producing a physical print after each photo you take; it’s a unique keepsake of the moment. But for those times when uniqueness might not be the ultimate requirement, when you want to be able to share your images with others, there’s the INSTAX Mini LiPlay
by Bjorn Petersen ·Posted 10/18/2018
Fujifilm has just released the instax SQUARE SQ20, continuing its push in the unique realm of hybrid digital cameras. Successor to the SQ10, the SQ20 operates on the same premise—it's a digital camera at heart, with the ability to output square-format, 2.4 x 2.4" filmic prints of your shots on the fly. The pluses of this workflow reside in the application of creative filters and effects to your shots, the ability to pick and choose which shots get printed, and, of course, the ability to re-print your favorite images to share with a friend.
by Bjorn Petersen ·Posted 05/14/2018
Expanding its instant film lineup, or perhaps squaring-up the lineup, Fujifilm has just announced its newest instant film camera, the instax SQUARE SQ6. Distinct from the SQUARE SQ10, the new SQ6 is a purely analog instant film camera, forgoing the hybrid digital/film technology in favor for a simpler design, akin to the popular instax mini-series of cameras. Sharing elements from the instax mini and the SQ10, the SQ6 accepts
by Allan Weitz ·Posted 02/14/2018
In the 78 years that Kodak Tri-X has been in existence, there have been finer-grained or faster films available, as well as films with more exposure latitude, better contrast, and even better tonality—but none of them have the signature look and the history of Tri-X. Tri-X was originally released in 1940 as a 4 x 5" sheet film, followed by 35mm and 120 roll film versions, in 1954. It wasn’t long before the name Tri-X became synonymous with black-and-white
by Bjorn Petersen ·Posted 12/18/2017
As film continues its resurgence, 2017 saw several introductions to the photography world that continue to inspire film enthusiasts everywhere. Ranging from new films, the rebirth of an old film, new cameras, and even digital innovations for film shooters, 2017 marks another year for film’s regrowth in popularity. Polaroid Originals One of the most exciting new, or sort of new, prospects in the film game is Polaroid Originals. Picking up where Impossible left off, Polaroid Originals is the rebranded continuation of the company that kept
by Bjorn Petersen ·Posted 11/01/2017
Continuing to expand its lineup of instant films, Polaroid Originals has just released a duo of creative films—the Duochrome Pink & Black and Duochrome Blue & Black 600 Instant Films. Rather than just your standard black-and-white film, these Duochrome options replace the white with either a bright and hazy
by Eric Reichbaum ·Posted 03/01/2014
One of my favorite cameras to shoot is my Polaroid 210 Land Camera, because every time I bring it out, I’m met with the same response: “They still make film for that?” I love surprising people, and even more, I love getting them into shooting instant film.  It not only gives you a gratifying, and somewhat nostalgic feeling, it’s also a guaranteed conversation starter.Above photograph: Fujifilm FP-100CPolaroid 210 Land CameraIn this new “gimme-now”