how to live stream

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The following is a how-to guide for setting up a quality livestream from home using just a couple of affordable pieces of gear. While a basic guide, it covers in detail all the key things you need to do to get up and running with a reliable stream. We’ll focus on using an affordable USB webcam, a simple USB mic or a headset, and the free OBS application for connecting to popular streaming services like YouTube Live. Internet First of all, how good is your Internet? You’ll be able to test this in the OBS application as we’ll describe at the end
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted
In times of transition, such as adding an extension to your business, creating a personal brand, or, especially now, mandatory social distancing during a pandemic, it becomes necessary to connect with friends, clients, or an audience in different ways. Livestreaming video seems fairly easy at its most basic if you're talking to your Mom or a friend on your smartphone, but when, for example, a yoga teacher needs to suddenly transition their classes online or a house of worship needs to reach their congregation, a higher-quality approach may be
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Check out Doug Guerra and his teammates at B&H as they put together an advanced live streaming setup using PTZOptics Gen2 cameras. See what goes into such a setup, including audio and switching equipment, as they walk you through the process in an actual live stream.