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With home recordings from artists like Billie Eilish, Walker Hayes, and Lil Nas X regularly climbing to the top of the charts, Zoom’s new R20 Portable Multitrack Recorder is arriving at the perfect time to help aspiring artists record, edit, and mix their music on the go. With a powerful feature set that includes eight inputs, 16 tracks, eight faders plus a master fader, and an intuitive color touchscreen, the R20 is a portable solution that
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When I set out to redesign my home studio from scratch, I knew I wanted to build something completely different than my old-school Black Lion Audio Mod Digidesign 002 based setup. My music production workflow had changed quite a bit from when I bought the 002, having evolved from a more hardware-based process to one that’s largely software based, with a bit of live instrumentation and outboard gear in the mix. Taking that into consideration, I also wanted this
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For most photographers, the home studio is the studio. Many of us don’t have our own separate studio or frequent access or the need to work at a professional commercial studio. And regardless if it’s time, accessibility, availability, resources, or even by choice, the truth is that it’s often a lot easier and more convenient to do our “studio photography” at home. Convenience and preference aside, one of the key differentiators of a commercial studio is its purpose-built design, and its array of available tools. Cameras, lights, stands, maybe
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Photo studios come in all shapes and sizes. If you are working with small subjects, there is no reason to rent a massive loft or build an addition onto your house to get the shots you need. In many of these cases, a functioning setup can take up as little space as a table. Like all things related to photography, tabletop studios can be as simple or complex as their creators require. For basic applications, plenty of all-in-one kits exist for “non-
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If you're a discerning mixing engineer on a budget, consider the PreSonus Eris E7 XT Active Studio Monitors, a pair of nearfield monitors designed to sound good in any location. Tune each monitor to your specific environment with a bevy of convenient acoustical features, and drive the sound loud and clear. The monitors offer an exceedingly wide sweet spot, and when it comes to connections, you won't need to scrounge around for adapters—this monitor
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We're at NAMM 2020, and AB is taking you through the best new home studio equipment. We discuss audio interfaces from Apogee, Solid State Logic, and RME, plus new software from Universal Audio and more! More about NAMM 2020
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For podcasting, music recording, and mixing with class-leading quality and ultra-low latency at a wallet-friendly price, check out the 2-channel M2 and the 4-channel M4, MOTU’s new portable, high-resolution, USB Type-C audio/MIDI interfaces. With virtual loopback channels for live-streaming or recording remote podcast guests, a full-color LCD for
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Unless you only deal with instrumental music, vocals play a big part in your productions. Whether you record singers, rappers, background vocalists, or voice talent for video games, animation, film, or audiobooks, the tracks need to somehow stand out and blend in. To get tone that’s big and natural, a top-notch vocal recording chain can be the inimitable key. With gear from Neumann, SSL, Rupert Neve Designs, and many others, there are bountiful choices for creating your own favorite vocal chain. Need some examples? Read on! Change Mics in the
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Focusrite’s Scarlett series is quite popular, especially with podcasters, voice-over artists, and other audio professionals who need great sound at a relatively wallet-friendly price. Now, Focusrite has upgraded its Scarlett series, and B&H is proud to welcome these new pieces to our warehouse. Without further ado, we present the all new Scarlett Gen 3 models! First, some new additions to the roster: The Scarlett 4i4 will
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Growing up in Miami, FL, in the 1980s and ’90s, I was exposed to a great deal of the Roland TR-808 sound. Found in roller skating rinks, and cars with “tricked out” systems across the city, the window-shaking, bone-shattering Miami Bass sound was literally inescapable. The other-worldly 808, with its long and resonant kick drums and toms, crispy snares and claps, and lighting fast hi hats was so pervasive, even my parents knew what an 808 was. Roland TR-808 I fell in love with the futuristic bounce of the 808, and it was a big part of what
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iZotope is known for being adept at creating both creative and practical problem solving audio software; drop their name to a pro or home recorder, and they’ll think of their mastering suite Ozone, their problem solving restoration RX, or their mixing tool
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In Part 2 of this three-part series, Justin Colletti, of Sonic Scoop, and Bob Mallory (producer and engineer at Avatar Studios and Paste magazine), discuss home-studio monitoring with multiple sets of speakers, headphones, and interface setups. Learn about recommended monitoring gear that can be acquired on a modest budget, as well as the pros and cons of different types of headphones for tracking and mixing. They also dig into monitor controllers, and how to determine the right gear for your needs. Check out Part 3 for tips on microphone
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Released more than a decade ago, the original Mackie Big Knob was the “go-to” monitor controller for project and home studios. Mackie’s latest announcement of the next-generation Big Knob Series has created a bit of a buzz, as the new lineup features three models at very affordable prices. The Passive version is the smallest and requires no power, while the Studio and Studio+ incorporate a USB audio interface for even more flexibility. The Big Knob
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Look, we all can’t record audio in multi-million-dollar, top-notch facilities. Some of us would even rather record in our bedrooms—and why not? It’s comfy. Luckily, there are a variety of solutions to capture quality audio in less-than-ideal surroundings. So, with that in mind, let’s take at two different Auray products which will help you achieve better results in sonically inferior rooms. Next, have a look at THE ISO-ARMOR Pro
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If you’re an aspiring musician, music engineer, or music producer, there’s a good chance that you suffer from some form of gear addiction. There’s really no way around it, nor is there a good way to explain this to your non-musically inclined friends and family. The temptation to make that next gear purchase looms over you like a giant Grammy-shaped cloud—kind of like the uncontrollable urge you have to eat that additional, unnecessary slice of pizza that’s just sitting there in the box, staring at you, waiting patiently to be devoured. I will