Home Audio

by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 07/12/2021
It happens so easily and innocently. One day, you’re laughing at a party while tunes pump through a Bluetooth speaker at the back of a room. The next thing you know, you’ve dedicated an entire room as a temple for the purest, uncompromising audio fidelity, where you sit motionless in a state of emotional euphoria as your favorite songs fill your ears with the vibrant sounds their creators so painstakingly crafted. It’s difficult to know why some become passionately obsessed with the sound of music, while others are perfectly content with the
by Staff Writer ·Posted 09/10/2019
Earlier this year, Bose® launched its Home Speaker™ 300—a splendid device for listening to music, streaming content from your favorite services, and telling Amazon Alexa what to do. If Bose® had rested on its laurels, that would be understandable, but instead it has outdone itself and released the Portable Home Speaker™.  Available in