Hard Drives

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Whether you use a Network Attached Storage (NAS) system for surveillance, managing a media server, or creative professional use, keeping an eye on your internal drives is a necessary maintenance task to ensure your NAS is performing at its best. Some NAS systems make this easy by allowing you to monitor the health of your compatible drives actively and, if you’re like me, you check this often. World Backup Day is the perfect time to review the state of your storage devices and your NAS systems―which have been the go-to storage solution for
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The SanDisk Professional 7.68TB G-DRIVE PRO STUDIO SSD was created to handle some of the most demanding footage today’s filmmakers can output, with speed and reliability. With the new drive, editors can comfortably work on multi-stream 8K footage at full frame rates, render VR projects at full resolution, or blaze through less intense workflows.
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With much thanks for a listener’s suggestion, we invited Pete Isgrigg back to the B&H Photography Podcast for an incredibly informative conversation about memory cardsexternal hard drives, and other digital image storage solutions. Isgrigg, who
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World Backup Day will soon be upon us and with all the tech that’s available, the topic of storage is bound to come up sooner or later. Whether you’re a casual user, a gamer, or a creative content professional creating backups, archiving data, or designing a surveillance system, storage will be one of the key factors in your overall build. However, not all drives are created equal, so read ahead to find out what kind of drive is recommended for your undertaking. Photo and Video Enthusiasts, Creative Content Professionals, and Power Users
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Photographers are a tricky bunch to shop for, especially those avid shooters who seemingly already have all the gear they need. Cameras, lenses, bags, tripods, and so on—it’s a tough task to find a photo-related gift for the photographer who already has it all. Here are some ideas for not-so-common gift options sure to please all types of photographers. Lensbaby Special Effects Lens Sure, your photographer has all the fastest, sharpest, and most exacting glass they need, but do they have the lens that excels in the world of soft focus, smooth
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Samsung has just announced its latest computer data storage solution, the 870 QVO SATA III SSD. The 870 QVO is a second-generation quad-level cell (QLC) internal SSD that utilizes the latest SATA technology, large storage capacities, and best-in-class read/write speeds to deliver exceptional performance that's stable, swift, and secure.
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Back up your 4K footage with the six-bay LaCie 6big Thunderbolt™ 3 RAID Array. Thunderbolt™ 3 provides double the video bandwidth of its predecessor, allowing you to daisy-chain dual 4K displays or a single 5K display to the LaCie 6big. Thunderbolt™ 3 speeds of up to 1400 MB/s (RAID 0) allow you to edit multiple streams of ProRes 422 (HQ), ProRes 4444 XQ, and even uncompressed HD 10-bit and 12-bit video.
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Made in both 2.5" and 3.5" form factors, WD Red NAS HDDs are already well known among those who need an über-reliable drive for 1-8 bay NAS environments. However, if there has been one downside to WD Red drives, it is that their 5400 rpm cannot drive data transfer speeds to match their impressive reliability specs. That is, until now, since WD has taken the durability of Red and placed it within an SSD. The result is the WD Red SA500 SATA III Internal NAS SSD, which is available in both
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No matter how you look at it, data grows and expands at an exponential rate. To help us better handle all of this binary information, Seagate has updated its IronWolf and Exos X14 lineups with some additional options. Designed for use in 1-8 bay NAS environments, Seagate’s IronWolf drives are a staple for those who need one that can endure 24/7 usage. With the advent of its 10TB IronWolf 7200 rpm SATA III 3.5" Internal NAS HDD
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Before you come storming the front doors of the B&H SuperStore with your torches and pitchforks, complaining about yet another new type of media you have to purchase, I should tell you that the latest format is a definite upgrade. This is no simple battle between two competing formats; this is an evolution that will make things better for everyone involved. What is this up-and-coming hero? CFexpress.
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For a working professional photographer like renowned maritime photographer and Canon Explorer of Light Onne van der Wal, the most valuable part of his business is not the tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of cameras and lenses he carries, it is that which cannot be covered by insurance or easily replaced: data. Clients don’t care if your Canon camera was lost to Davy Jones’s Locker in the middle of the shoot or if a lens was ruined by a rogue saltwater wave—they just want the images. Van der Wal, based in Newport, Rhode Island, has compiled
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Have you noticed your computer being slower than usual? Before you use this as an excuse to purchase a new laptop (we know it’s tempting), you might want to opt for a more cost-effective approach, which is cleaning out the hard drive (HDD). In a few simple steps, you can analyze and clean out your HDD to free up valuable storage space. Defragging your old HDD and properly formatting newly-installed SSDs will ensure that your computer doesn’t become bloated or sluggish. Always Back up Your Data First Before you start doing anything to your hard
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Explore your wild side with the animal-inspired hard drives from Seagate. Swimming up to the dock is the BarraCuda hard drive available in both 2.5 and 3.5" sizes, as well as a 3.5" Pro version, if you’re able to reel it in. Take a bite out of your storage needs with the IronWolf hard drives, which are designed for SMB and NAS system. For high flying storage, the SkyHawk patrols the skies while offering optimized storage for DVRs and NVRs. Sometimes it’s necessary to fight fire with fire, and Seagate has the drive for that. The FireCuda comes