Gear Protection

by Rachel Leathe ·Posted
What makes a good landscape camera? Is it the megapixel count? Sensor size? Ergonomics? This article will help you develop a personal metric for finding your ideal camera to capture everything from stunning mountain ranges to star-strewn night skies. We'll help you wade through all the technical mumbo jumbo to figure out what specs really matter for the type of landscapes you want to photograph. Megapixels It doesn't get much more basic than megapixels. They're like the atoms of photography. But just how many do you need exactly? The age-old
by Rebecca Melville ·Posted
For landscape photographers, having the right equipment is everything. You want gear that is lightweight, rugged, and easy to travel with. Multipurpose gear that has a variety of practical applications when you’re out in the field never hurts either. If you are a landscape photographer or buying a gift for one, we have some great product recommendations for every budget. $5-$50 Gifts 1. Multitools are a photographer’s best friend, especially out in the field. Vello’s