Gaming Headsets

by Mos Khan ·Posted
For gamers, a comfortable pair of headphones with great audio is an indispensable tool if you're looking to fully immerse yourself in your games. You can have the best gaming setup around, but your experience will be absolutely underwhelming without a good pair of headphones. In general, there is no perfect, one-size-fits-all pair of headphones since comfort can be pretty subjective, so we highly encourage trying on any pair you're considering if you have the opportunity. Additionally, what sounds good to one person might not necessarily sound
by Trevor Collins ·Posted
Audio-Technica is delivering a powerful new tool for the modern, professional streamer and gamer with the announcement of its new StreamSet headset, a forward-thinking update to its celebrated headphone line that combines the legendary sound quality of the ATH-M50x headphones with the crisp clarity of the 20-series microphones. Specifically designed to address the needs of  gamers, streamers, and content creators, these headsets provide versatility, studio-quality sound, and come in two flavors: The