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From stunning still-life shots to capturing the energy of a Michelin-starred restaurant, photographer/director Jim Sullivan’s skillful eye takes us through the kitchen and onto the plate. In this B&H Event Space video, we talk to Sullivan about how he got started in his career and personal projects. 0:00 - Introduction 2:24 - Sullivan’s Background and Food Photography 10:34 - Gear, Film, and Prints 19:14 - Staying Motivated 30:04 - Staying Inspired 36:49 - Sullivan’s Work 54:26 - Talking Food 57:50 - Final Thoughts Are you a fan or
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Paul Bartholomew has made a successful career in food photography and commercial work. We sit down with Bartholomew to discuss his experience in food photography, working with clients, and his impeccable attention to detail. 0:00 - Introduction 0:53 - How Bartholomew Got Started and His Career in Food Photography 8:20 - Bartholomew's Style and Specialties 21:07 - Bartholomew's Personal Projects 28:42 - Directing Clients Toward Your Strengths 31:11 - Bartholomew's Work 34:25 - Using Leica for Commercial Work, and Bartholomew's Workflow 45:45
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In this third and final part of the Food Photography at Home series, we’re going to be utilizing strobe lights. In Part 1 we tackled natural light and, in Part 2, we used continuous LEDs and practical lights to approximate natural light.
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According to food photographer Mica McCook, the secret sauce is more than simply visual appeal, it's connecting to how the images make you feel. As McCook likes to say, she creates cravings, one photo at a time. McCook's photos are dramatic like telenovelas, embracing the magic of a chef's palate, and delighting in the vibrant flavors that bring dishes to life. Her approach is theatrical and bold, akin to setting the stage for a grand performance. Each element, from the decadent chocolate drizzle to the vibrant pop of a fresh herb, contributes
by Robert Sansivero ·Posted 05/15/2023
Now that we have a handle on using natural light for food photography, it’s time to move on to continuous light sources. When natural light isn’t available, or you want more specific control and placement of your light, you’ll have to use your own sources. Natural light setup from
by Robert Sansivero ·Posted 04/17/2023
If you’re just getting started with food photography, you probably have some questions. I certainly did. There are countless ways to set up a beautiful shot of a meal or enticing ingredient. Where to start? This three-part series will focus on how to light food for photographs. We’ll start with natural light since it is the most abundant and affordable light source. Many successful food photographers create stunning images using only natural light. Next, we will consider continuous lights, ranging from incandescent bulbs at home to tunable
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Jena Carlin, a commercial food and lifestyle photographer, shows you how to capture campaign-worthy photographs of comestibles. Carlin shares the basics of manipulating artificial light, tethered shooting, and tips for photographing food―all in a beautiful tabletop setting. 0:00 - Introduction 2:01 - Studio setup and ProGrade cards 8:40 - Finding the focal point: Camera settings 14:50 - Using a color checker 16:24 - Photographing honey drizzle 27:30 - Dapple light modifier explained 29:05 - Honey drizzle photos 34:04 -Triggering on camera vs
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Food, glorious food. There's no better time than the holiday season for a bountiful exploration of food photography—a fan favorite. For this episode of the podcast, we're delighted to connect with food blogger, educator, and content creator extraordinaire Joanie Simon. Listen in as she discusses the magic behind her aspirational, achievable shooting style. Besides examining the limits to reality when shooting fake food, Simon describes her collaborations with a dedicated crew, offers advice about a
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Simi Jois shares her process for creating light and airy still life photos using natural light. Join her as she demonstrates how she styles food in an appealing way.  Do you wish to improve your food photos? Watch this B&H Event Space video!  Click here to watch Part 1   0:00 - Introduction 1:02 - Recap 6:40 - Demo 48:43 - Q&A
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To get your photos noticed and potentially go viral on social media, you need to do more than come up with creative photography ideas. Keegan Evans shows you how to use short-form video like Tik Tok and Instagram Reels to help get your images noticed on these platforms. From content ideas to ideal video length, you’ll be ready to shoot your own short, vertical video! Do you have any tips for getting your images noticed on social media? Please share them with us in the Comments section.
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Learn to photograph cocktails in this B&H photography seminar. Here’s an all-access, behind-the-scenes look at Anthony Nader's approach to photographing these liquid subjects, such as making prop ice cubes, handling glassware, styling cocktails, and so much more! Do you style or photograph cocktails for a studio? Tell us about your own workflow!
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Food photographer Anthony Nader shares the business advice that he would tell his younger self. From networking to photoshoots on a budget, he explains how to run a food and cocktail photography business. Are you a food shooter? What is your workflow like? Tell us in the Comments section.
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Yana Zabavnik shares her five food photography tips on finding your style. What kind of lighting do you like? What kind of props do you want to use? Do you prefer a food flat lay or a macro photo? The answers to these questions will help you find your style when photographing food. Which of these tips will you apply to your own food photography? Do you have any of your own to share? Let us know below, in the Comments section.
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It’s summertime, so naturally, barbecues and family gatherings are on the roster for many of us. Summer is a time for rest and relaxation, good weather, and dining al fresco. There is a good chance you’ll want to document your picnics, barbecues, and the food and beverages you’ll be serving. We all love to do that, especially in recent years. If you want your food photos to stand out while keeping your workflow simple, here are a few tips that may help you. Working with Available Light Direct sunlight can be harsh as a single source for food
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It’s Food Photography Week here at B&H Photo, so our guests on this week’s B&H Photography Podcast are California-based food photographer Meika Ejaisi, and from her new studio in Boulder Colorado, Cherry Li of Cherry Food Photography. This isn’t the first food-centric show we’ve produced over the five-plus years we’ve been recording the