focal length

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A lens’s hyperfocal distance—a mathematical combination of lens focal length, aperture or f-stop, and focus distance—is a tool that photographers can use to maximize their depth of field for capturing nearby foregrounds and distant backgrounds in acceptable sharpness. While you can always dial up your lens’s sharpest aperture (sweet spot), many landscape photographers want as
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In this week’s video, FocusEd discusses lens focal length for photographers. You will learn about what focal length is, how sensor size and lens focal length affects your angle of view, and more! For more on Focal Length, check out this article.    
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Join Kelly Mena, of B&H Photo, as she explains the basic principles of depth of field in photography. Mena defines depth of field and explains the distinction between its deep and shallow variations—the former rendering everything from subject to background in sharp focus, the latter rendering the subject in sharp focus and the background soft and out of focus. Mena discusses the variables you can use to control depth of field in your images: aperture, focal length, and camera-to-subject distance. She also explains how you can use the ISO