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by Morgan Lyle ·Posted 10/26/2020
When training, it’s important to track your progress to motivate yourself, and to adjust your fitness regimen based on what’s working and what isn’t. Letsfit offers a suite of tools to help you accomplish this. Geared toward swimmers and runners, the ID215G GPS Smartwatch (in black or
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 10/02/2020
Samsung's latest activity tracker, the Galaxy Fit 2, is now available to order at B&H. The new wearable delivers all the features you'd expect from a premium tracker: big display, lots of fitness metrics, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. But it's the battery life that's going to turn the most heads. Samsung promises the Galaxy Fit 2 will get between two and three weeks of juice per charge, depending on your settings. If true, that means the Fit 2's battery life will crush
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 10/29/2019
2019 was another banner year for smartwatches and wearables, with worldwide sales of individual units on pace to surpass last year’s volume by nearly 26 percent. Driving these figures were the usual suspects—Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, and Samsung. We’ve compiled the very best of these devices into our list of top wearables of 2019. Fitbit Versa 2 One of the most welcomed surprises of 2018 was the Fitbit Versa. With stunning looks, a ton
by Cortney Moore ·Posted 11/19/2018
Like it or not, the kids of today are far more tech savvy than we were at their age. From touchscreen operation to online navigation, techy tots have nearly mastered it all—which makes gifting during the holidays a little difficult. Seriously, what can you get the kid who’s already knee-deep in STEM? The answer is simple: here at B&H there are plenty of technical toys and gadgets that will cultivate a child’s interest. We’ve rounded down 10 items you’ll want to consider for those baby geniuses in your life. 1. Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker
by William Min ·Posted 09/14/2018
Live from its campus in Cupertino, California, Apple invited the media to the Steve Jobs Theater and the rest of the world via livestream to witness this "Gather Round" event. The keynote was entirely focused on three new iPhone models and the next-gen Apple Watch. Kicking things off was the Apple Watch Series 4. Redesigned and re-engineered to keep users connected, as well as active, the Apple Watch Series 4 provides new ways for users to manage their health. While the
by Stephen Janiszak ·Posted 08/22/2018
Fitbit has been there throughout your fitness journey with a line of fitness trackers dating back more than five years. Each step of the way, Fitibt has introduced new features so you can better track your workouts, track your heart rate, receive notifications on your wrist, and much more. In steps the Fitbit Charge 3, where form meets fashion, because this tracker brings together many of Fitbit's most popular fitness tracking features along with the ability to accessorize
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 08/15/2019
For students, the first year of college introduces several new hallmarks: new school, new friends, and a brand-new sense of autonomy and freedom. But sometimes that freedom leads to a bad habit or two—like dating that guy who always carries around a copy of Infinite Jest or promoting pizza to its own food group. To help fight some of these freshman failings, we’ve put together a list of our five favorite fitness accessories. They won't stop you from choosing problematic paramours, but they can help you to stay healthy and happy. Forerunner 945
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 07/26/2019
Are you looking for a fitness coach or a personal assistant? Do you want something sleek and sartorially minded, or do you prize function above all? To help decide which device is right for you, we’ve put together this buying guide of some of the best smartwatches on the market today. But first, a note: Throughout this piece, we will, from time to time, use the term “smartwatch” as the market often does—as a catch-all. We’re aware that certain wrist wearables don’t meet all the technical criteria of a smartwatch, but we’re going to forego
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 07/26/2018
This adventure entailed traversing a mud-run obstacle course, comprising four miles of slippery hills, muddy trenches, high walls, rope climbs, barbed wire, and even a javelin throw. The Gear Apple Watch Series 3, Fitbit Versa, GoPro HERO6 Black, GoPro HERO 2018 How You Can Do It In the last 10 years, mud runs have gained enormous popularity across the United States and the world, which means it should be pretty easy to locate one no matter where you live. Prices vary, but you can expect to spend somewhere in the $150 range, depending on the
by Morgan Lyle ·Posted 06/01/2018
On the road or the trail, serious cyclists are hungry for information about their experiences. Garmin bike computers make a ton of info available at a glance: where you’re headed, how far you’ve gone and what’s around the next bend, for starters. Sync with your phone, add some apps, and bundle the computer with sensors, mounts, and remote control, and you’ve got a complete system that takes up barely any space on your handlebars, while improving and expanding your training, performance, and enjoyment. The
by Stephen Janiszak ·Posted 04/23/2018
Fitness trackers have been all the rage since the first Fitbit arrived, in 2013. Since then, we have seen various iterations of the Fitbit fitness tracker, all of which have been targeted at adults. Enter the Fitbit Ace, Fitbit’s child-friendly fitness tracker! This fitness tracker has much of the same functionality of the comparable Fitbit Alta as it tracks daily steps, active minutes, and sleep, and automatically
by Stephen Janiszak ·Posted 03/14/2018
Since the inception of the fitness tracker, Fitbit has been there every step of the way as fitness trackers have morphed into full-fledged fitness smartwatches. Enter the Fitbit Versa, a full-featured fitness smartwatch featuring 4-day-plus battery life, so you no longer need to charge your watch every night. In addition to the vastly improved battery life, the Fitbit Versa has features to improve multiple aspects of your life when
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 01/11/2018
Garmin returned to CES with plenty of new and exciting products, including the just-released vivofit 4 activity tracker. Known for its ease of use, straightforward design, and relentless battery life, the vivofit series remains a favorite among users who want to monitor their daily activity without having to scroll through endless screens or hassle with superfluous features. This latest iteration improves upon the lauded design
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 12/27/2018
Of all our holiday customs, perhaps none is more universally celebrated than the New Year’s Resolution—that time-honored tradition of personal improvement we pledge to make every new year. Often, our vows focus on fitness or overall health, whether it’s to drop a few pounds, run a faster mile, or just try to be more active in general. And while we here at B&H think you’re perfect just the way you are, we also fully support all your goals and aspirations. To show just how committed we are to your commitment, we’ve put together a list of the
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 05/08/2017
The idea of a “working mom” is a bit of a redundancy. Motherhood, by its very nature, is work. Whether it’s at home, in an office, on the subway, or anywhere in between, being a mom is an arduous task. There is, after all, a reason it’s called going into labor, never going out of. So, to salute all the moms out there, and pay homage to the hard work they do on our behalf, we’ve compiled a list of 10 tech gadgets that can hopefully lighten their load. 1. Google Home We can’t stress this enough: Being a mom is hard work. And what does every hard