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It’s time to edit your film! In this tutorial, Jake Estes demonstrates a basic video-editing workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro, for a more efficient experience. Have you gained some insights from this series? Tell us about it, in the Comments section, below. 0:00 - Introduction 0:43 - Organization 3:20 - Syncing Audio and Video 7:31 - Make it Look and Sound Pretty 10:32 - Narrative Continuity (How to Cut) 12:26 - Final Thoughts Watch the entire series:
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With the holidays fast approaching you’re probably wondering, “What do I give to that student filmmaker about to embark on a career of moviemaking and content creation?” Fear not! I have compiled a list of gifts to cover the needs of your aspiring Spielberg, so you don’t have to. There are many tools a budding cinema student may want to use. While many schools provide the big-ticket items such as cameras and lights, there are many other must-haves that often go overlooked. This list is going to focus on quantity so you can maximize your
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Now that you've thoroughly planned your shoot during pre-production, it's time to get on set! Learn what it takes to make a video production run smoothly—such as the crew you'll need—mistakes to avoid, different types of shots, narrative continuity, audio recording, and more. 0:00 - Overview 0:38 - Production Assistant 1:25 - Video 7:59 - Sound 9:07 - Logistics 10:54 - Final Thoughts Click to watch Part 1 – Pre-
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Pre-production is an important step when filmmaking because it helps your video shoot run more efficiently, on the day of and during post. If you're a beginner, however, it may be difficult to know where to begin. Jake Estes shares tried and true methods for planning your production that work whether you're shooting a Hollywood movie or a short film. Plus, you'll learn mistakes to avoid so you're not scrambling on set! 0:00 - Introduction/What is Pre-Production? 0:46 - Production Breakdown 1:44 - Casting 2:37 - Hiring Crew 4:34 - Tech Scout
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The holiday season is off to a great start for content creators, with the introduction of Zoom’s latest innovation in portable recording, the MicTrak line of microphones/recorders for filmmaking, run-and-gun video, livestreaming, and podcasting. Three recorders/mics are available: Borrowing from the ultimate, take-anywhere Handy H1n recorder, the M2 MicTrak 2-track recorder and
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The Accsoon CineView HE and CineView Quad are perfect for livestreaming and on-set monitoring, because they allow you to send a 1080p60 camera signal to the included receiver, as well as to three mobile devices. These versatile wireless video transmission systems provide a cost-effective way of allowing four people on set to monitor an HDMI camera signal. You can transmit to any mix
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Hard light is like a cup of black coffee: pure, raw, exhilarating. Put in the hands of a skilled cinematographer, it can smother a scene with tension, develop a character faster than words, or steer an audience's eyes across the film screen. It is the boldest flavor of light but, like that cup of black coffee, its edge can be softened by adding the right ingredients. Figure 1: Hard light oozes drama Jake
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Whether you're making an independent film, YouTube video, or vertical video, understanding framing and composition can help improve your video's quality. Nick Brigadier explains how, when, and why to use these seven basics rules of video composition. 0:00 - Introduction 0:28 - The Rule of Thirds 1:10 - Leading Lines 1:37 - Balance 2:12 - Symmetry 2:43 - Depth of Field 3:11 - Distracting Elements 3:38 - Frame Within a Frame 4:03 - Final Thoughts
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This is your beginner's guide to filming in LOG! What is LOG? How do you properly expose your footage? When and why should you use it? Watch to find out the answers to all these questions, and others.   0:00 - Introduction 0:16 - What is LOG? 0:51 - How to Expose LOG Footage 2:45 - Is Shooting in LOG Better? 3:20 - Final Thoughts
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What does aperture do on a camera? How can you achieve cinematic bokeh that everyone loves? Should you film open or closed? How does selecting your aperture affect your depth of field, as well as your shutter speed and ISO? Nick Brigadier explains this and more! 0:00 - Introduction 0:42 - What is Aperture? 1:30 - How Does Aperture Affect Depth of Field? 3:57 - Final Thoughts
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Join us in the field as we discuss our experience using the Atomos Ninja V+. What do you think of this 4K monitor? Is it on your list of must-have gear? Tell us about it in the Comments section, below.
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Pro content creator Lea Motion shares her tips on how to create better stop-motion videos, such as what gear, filming, and editing software to use. Whether you're using a camera or your smartphone, these tips will help you improve your stop-motion videos. Have you made your own stop-motion videos? Stop moving and share your tips in the Comments section, below!
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In this B&H video, we share 10 camera movements that will level up your next film or video! You'll learn how to achieve these moves in-camera, whether handheld or with a gimbal. Remember, use these techniques only when the story calls for it! Which of these shots are you looking to try? Let us in on the plan, in the Comments section, below.
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How does one begin to reconcile the unspoken sacrifices a mother makes to build her children a better life? For photographer, filmmaker, and experimental storyteller Diana Markosian, the key to understanding such mysteries of her childhood was through recasting long unexplained events in a monumental art project told through an embedded narrative—a nested story to honor her mother’s sacrifice. Photographs © Diana Markosian Above photograph: The Arrival, 2019, from Santa Barbara (Aperture, 2020) Markosian was born in Moscow, in 1989, to
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Jason Vong shares five tips on how to take better smartphone videos. Whether you’re filming with an iPhone, Sony Xperia, or other mobile phone, you, too, can take cinematic video! What are your thoughts on filming with a smartphone? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section, below.