Father's Day

by Jill Waterman ·Posted 06/21/2020
Columbus, Ohio-based photographer Aaron Sheldon was riding the bus with his young son Harrison when he had an epiphany. “What was a normal everyday event for me had him completely transfixed,” he writes. “I realized that my son is an explorer, and that the world I take for granted, to him, is an amazing place filled with new sites and experiences.” Later that week, the two were discussing bravery during a visit to the doctor’s office when young Harrison provided further inspiration. “What about astronauts, Dad?” he asked. “Are they brave
by Jill Waterman ·Posted 06/22/2020
When it comes to photographic dynasties, the name Caponigro holds a privileged position at the top of the list. The father / son duo of Paul and John Paul Caponigro are masters of their respective crafts, spanning many years and a broad reach, from the muted tonalities and classical elegance of Paul’s large format landscapes to John Paul’s complex, ethereal digital composites. In 2016, B&H Photo hosted father and son as invited speakers at the B&H OPTIC Conference, where they both presented their work to great acclaim. Off stage, they
by John Harris ·Posted 06/19/2020
Photographer dads may be the easiest for whom to find a Father’s Day present. There’s really no end to the well-built and practical accessories they need or want for their cameras, and there’s always a new model of lens or camera announced, so a quick check of the Photography section on the B&H Photo Video website might be the best way to spark a gift thought. If not, I’ve asked several bona fide photographer dads and former guests of the
by Bjorn Petersen ·Posted 05/30/2022
Not all fathers are photographers, but for those who are, I’d argue that a point-and-shoot camera is essential tech for the dads in the world. Even for those with the latest smartphone, point-and-shoots are dedicated, purpose-built tools that excel in areas where phones can’t quite keep up. And, besides, dads love tools, right? The Ricoh G900 is
by Bjorn Petersen ·Posted 06/16/2020
Is your father a passionate photographer, someone who lives and breathes pixels, is always shopping for the newest gear, and is also flaunting their existing prized collection of cameras, lenses, and other photo odds and ends? If so, you already know how hard it can be to shop for the photographer father who has it all, but you also know that getting them anything not photography related would just be out of touch. For those tricky-to-shop-for dads, here are some gear ideas to please even the most avid photographers. There’s a pretty good
442 Views ·Posted 06/13/2019
Just in time for Father’s Day! Check out our video on fantastic photographic gift ideas for dad. David Flores runs down five of our favorites, including camera straps, compact mics, camera inserts, and more. After the video, you can head over to B&H to pick out a gift. And, if you want to see more great content, be sure to check out the B&H Online Video Center for news, tips, tricks, and more.        
by Rich R ·Posted 06/07/2019
If you’re shopping for Sonos speakers for the picky dad in your life this Father’s Day, it can seem like a daunting task. After all, there are individual speakers, speaker sets, outdoor and in-wall/ceiling speakers, and dedicated home theater speakers to choose from. To help you choose the right speaker or set of speakers, I’ll provide some typical scenarios to help you narrow down the search for dad’s gift. For Music, Podcasts, and Internet Radio in Compact
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 05/30/2022
Despite what you may have heard, dads are complicated creatures. Like the rest of us, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with personalities and interests to match. This being true, shopping for dads can sometimes be tough. One necktie, as it turns out, does not fit all. To make things a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of gift suggestions sure to please every type of father, no matter where his interests may lie. Bose® QuietComfort 45™ Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones One thing dads always seem to agree about is that things