Epson Photo Printing Solutions

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You have finally joined the ranks of people who own their own photo printer. Congrats! I’m sure some of you enthusiastically researched and made a well-thought-out purchase or were recommended a solid model by a B&H expert. I’m also certain some of you received your printer as a gift or, perhaps, it was an amazing deal you just couldn’t pass up when you picked up your latest camera kit. In any case, if you are new to printers and printing, these tips will
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted
Screen technology has dramatically changed the everyday consumption and expectations of imagery. Laptops, cell phones, and TVs are all so much better than they were just a few years ago. Instagram, especially, has even given your average user the ability to get a nice-looking image very quickly simply by applying a filter. The technology has also made the idea of making a physical print that matches or exceeds those color profiles much, much more difficult. Taking care and following a few guidelines can help you print your own photos and
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As we asked in an earlier episode, “When was the last time you touched a photograph?” It’s an interesting question and some of us are still enjoying the tactile nature of a print, or our time in the darkroom, but most photographers now only experience their photos through a monitor. On today’s episode, we try to change all that with a visit from printer and printing experts Jay Tanen and Sam Celebi. We offer an overview of the options available when it comes to printing your photographs digitally. Yes, you can still go to some drugstores and
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In this B&H Event Space video, Matt Kloskowski provides essential tips and techniques to help you process, print, and display your images in the best way possible. As he explains: Not all photos are created equal. Considering what you want to do with a photo should begin during the shoot itself. Follow along as he discusses points to consider while you are shooting, post-processing tips to make your files look great, the value of using printer profiles and soft proofing, and which papers will show off your prints to best effect. He also
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The rise in popularity of digital photography in recent years has radically changed the way we interact with photographs. Much of this change can be attributed to the transformation of photos from physical objects to pieces of data. Drugstore envelopes and shoeboxes have been replaced by hard drives and, more recently, “cloud” systems, as preferred methods of image storage. Likewise, computer and phone screens have ousted photo albums as the dominant means of sharing family memories and artistic creations alike. Yet, for many, the barrage of