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Yes! The rumors are true: Neumann is releasing the M 49 V, a reissue of its classic M 49 tube microphone. In 1949, Neumann released the M 49 tube microphone and forever changed the landscape of recording. By 1951, the M 49 had become the industry standard, used in recording studios and broadcast environments worldwide. Now, with the limited release of the M 49 V, Neumann is again proving to audio
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Blackmagic Design continues to push the envelope when it comes to its presence in the broadcast video world. Featuring an integrated B4 mount, the URSA Broadcast Camera is a field-ready 4K ENG camera that easily converts to a full-featured studio camera. The B4 mount has built-in optics matched to the camera’s sensors, providing spherical aberration correction to minimize distortion when using your ENG lenses.
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Go ahead, admit it. You need a boompole, but you aren’t excited about it. If you work in ENG, EFP, television, or film production, life without a boompole is cursed. So, should you start small or go big? There’s no pleasure in purchasing a bigger boompole after retiring the one you outgrew too quickly. On the flip side, you don’t want the embarrassment and hassle of showing up to the gig with a pole that’s too big. So, do you buy an assortment of poles? Well, do you want to head to a job with a bag so full of poles that you feel like a golfer
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Yes, we here at B&H are giving some Explora love to ENG: Electronic News Gathering. The technical aspects of this topic have been covered passing well in Basic Tips and Tricks for Electronic News Gathering (ENG), so this piece pulls back and looks at a non-technical aspect of gathering intel—non-technical, yet still essential: Today, we look at annotating interviews on the fly. Outside of B&H, I wear a variety
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If you’re an audio person who likes the adrenaline rush of on-location recording, you’ve got options for work. On the music side, there are on-sight jazz records, classical concerts, and rock venues. But you also might want to take on-location gigs for other media—movies, TV web series, and our chosen topic of today, ENG. But wait—what is ENG? ENG stands for Electronic News Gathering. You know when you watch the news and they cut from the studio to some poor schmoe stuck in a hurricane describing the rain? That’s an example of ENG. It’s not to
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Nothing ruins a video faster than a bad audio track. Thankfully, Beachtek offers specialized audio adapters designed for the connection of professional audio recording equipment and microphones to HDSLR and camcorder cameras. Without the need for a separate recorder, the adapters provide exceptional audio quality directly to your camera, in perfect sync with the video. Beachtek employs high-quality components throughout, resulting in low-noise, high-gain, and high-fidelity sound. Each adapter offers unique features designed to aid
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Azden is taking a major step forward in its shotgun microphone design, with the SGM-250. The sixty-plus-year-old Japanese company has studied the market’s offerings and come out with a totally revamped, dual-powered shotgun specifically designed to compete with others at its moderate price point. Made in Japan and targeted at audio professionals in the video production industry from Broadcasters to DSLR users, the ground up redesign includes a new microphone element that is more durable and lighter in weight, for improved transient response
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In the following video, Rob Rives, from B&H, discusses the Audio-Technica AT8024 camera-mount microphone. With the microphone mounted on a Canon 5D mk III, the video explores the microphone’s two settings: one for a mono cardioid pickup pattern and one for an internally matrixed mid-side stereo pattern.  The video
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Whit Norris is a professional film sound mixer with a filmography ranging from work on Fast Five to Anchorman 2. Norris took some time off on the set of his current project, the forthcoming Vince Vaughn film, Term Life to talk about gear, and share some great tips and experiences from his expansive filmography. On your IMDB page, you have a fairly prolific filmography listed. When did you realize sound for film was your passion, and how did you get your start as a professional? When I was in college, I always had a passion for sound, music,
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In a perfect world, budgets would be unlimited and you could hire a top-notch sound person for every production. But for students, amateurs, or professionals on a shoe-string budget, you probably don’t have the funds available to do that. This doesn’t preclude you from stepping up the quality of your audio. Here are five steps you can take that can help your sound. 1. Pay more attention to sound while filming (just by opening your ears) Yes, you have more than enough to pay attention to when you’re behind the camera, but a little attention to
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No matter what you're using to shoot video these days—a mirrorless hybrid, a DSLR, or a more traditional palm- or shoulder-mount camera—you are capturing both moving images and sound. Although more emphasis is placed on the visuals, the importance of sound should never be overlooked. There are a great number of things you can do to improve the audio quality of your video productions, and using a good on-camera shotgun microphone is one of them. In this article, we'll take a look at several shotgun microphones that can be mounted on your camera