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In 2020, an estimated 100 million people listened to a podcast each month, according to Forbes, and, if the trend continues, it’s expected to reach 125 million in 2022. It seems as though everyone I know either has a podcast, or has at least toyed with the idea of starting one. With the holidays looming, many new podcasters are sure to be on the prowl for the right gear to get them started, and if that sounds like you, you’re in the right place. As I listen to podcasting develop as an artform, I am constantly reminded that the possibilities in
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RØDE has released its Lavalier GO omnidirectional lavalier, as well as the RØDELink Lav, and we here at B&H are proud to have them in stock! Ever since RØDE released the Wireless GO, people have been asking us one question: when is RØDE going to release a complementary lapel microphone? Today we can give you a firm answer!   When RØDE released the