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Are you ready to add some flavor to your guitar licks? Join Andrew Swift for a hands-on look at Universal Audio’s new UAFX line of pedals. 0:00 - Introduction  1:16 - Introducing the Newest Guitar Pedals from Universal Audio  1:50 - Orion Pedal  4:49 - Heavenly Plate Pedal  7:16 - Evermore Pedal  9:25 - 1176 Pedal  11:50 - Final Thoughts  Would you add any of these to your pedalboards and shred? Let us know in the Comments, below!
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Warm Audio has been heartily lauded for its ability to produce outboard gear and studio microphones that deliver high-end tone akin to popular classics at an ultra-competitive price point, so its entry into the realm of stompbox-style guitar effects with the Foxy Tone Box and the Jet Phaser starts a tantalizing new chapter, not only for the company
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Eventide is no stranger to strange effects. From compact pedals to multi-engine rackmount gear, the company has made its mark in the memories of countless musicians, producers, and audio engineers. Unsurprisingly, Eventide ignites that familiar feeling of excitement with its new Rose stompbox, a modulated digital delay line surrounded by analog mixing, filtering, and feedback. Guitar and bass players are sure to dig its vibe, and
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If you are a guitarist looking to add vocal effects to your rig, then Boss's latest offering, the advanced VE-500 Vocal Performer, just might be the ticket. The unit is designed to deliver impressive vocal harmonies and vocal effects in a streamlined stombox that integrates with your regular guitar effects on your pedalboard. Employing
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Debuting at NAMM 2018, the Silver Lake is a reverb pedal sure to please anyone looking for a versatile yet gorgeous reverb pedal. At the core of this stompbox are eight high-quality reverb algorithms for different spaces and timbres. With Room, Spring, Plates, and Halls, the classics are covered. Anyone looking for more esoteric effects will surely benefit from Shimmer, Swell, Gated, and Delay/Verb algorithms. Once you’ve
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As the holiday season approaches, you might be wondering what the best gifts are for the music lover or musician in your life. You might even be one of those yourself and are looking for a treat. We have assembled a variety of audio gift ideas to consider this holiday season, so without further ado, let’s take a look. Bose® QuietComfort™ Ultra Wireless Headphones There’s nothing that compares to the peaceful embrace of good headphones, which is why we think they make a great last-minute gift. Bose®’s
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This is truly the golden age of guitar pedals—and this clause, uttered with surety, applies equally to the pure analog stompboxes pushing the limit of today’s timbres, as it does to digital solutions. Indeed, the digital landscape is offering more and more to players who don’t want to schlep wide berths of gear in their wake. Today, we’ve come to examine a new and well-regarded contender for providing on-the-go effects modeling to your rig: the
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Zoom made the AC-3 Acoustic Creator to create the authentic sound of your acoustic guitar or bass from the humble origins of your instrument’s direct output. If you play on stage or in a studio ensemble, you know the frustrations of using microphones to reproduce your sound. The cantankerous bleed and feedback that so easily result are a plague to the pristine tone you desire. Yes, DI boxes neatly skip around those issues, but very few people
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Guitarists and bassists are always chasing for the “Holy Grail” of tone—the often undefinable sound (you'll know it when you hear it) that represents their personal playing style. Purists will rightfully tell you that your tone is in your fingers, but stompboxes have long played an integral part to the sound of the most lauded guitarists in history. Whether it's Steve Ray Vaughn's masterful use of the oft-cloned and copied Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer