by Cory Rice ·Posted 05/16/2023
Lensbaby has announced the OMNI Universal Expansion Pack with Shapes: eight new tools for generating controlled distortions in photos and videos. Using a blend of colored mirrors and clear shapes, the kit can be used to produce flare and reflections, manipulate contrast, and shape bokeh in repeatable ways.
407 Views ·Posted 01/05/2018
In this second part of our tutorial on the basics of DJing, we explore the basics of tempo matching and mixing.
360 Views ·Posted 12/28/2017
In the following video, Rob Rives demonstrates how to set up and use a basic DJ setup. This video explores the functions, controls, and features of a DJ mixer, CD players, and turntables. Rives shows how to connect the players, main outputs, and booth outputs. We showcase setting gain, using the
2,952 Views ·Posted 11/07/2017
The Mikme is a 1" gold-plated condenser microphone and audio recorder, encapsulated in a stylish enclosure. Bluetooth and a rechargeable Li-Po battery make it a great on-the-go audio solution. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at BandH.com.  
5,462 Views ·Posted 08/11/2017
In the following video, Rob Rives demonstrates the Zoom LiveTrak L12 Digital Mixer and Multitrack Recorder, and how it can be a useful addition to a small club, live band’s rehearsal space, or project studio. This video explores the functions, controls and features of the LiveTrak L12, including the 8 mono tracks and two stereo tracks, which not only allow you to mix your live instruments, but records each track individually to the on-board SD recorder. We showcase the on-board FX processors, use of instantly recallable scenes, and the setup
3,275 Views ·Posted 09/29/2016
In the following video, Rob Rives demonstrates the QSC TouchMix–30 Pro Digital Mixer, and how it can be a useful addition to any band setup, rehearsal room, club, concert hall, house of worship, school, or broadcast studio. This video explores the functions, controls, and features of the TouchMix–30 Pro, including the large 10" multi-touch screen, anti-feedback and room-tuning wizards, two real-time analyzers (RTA), the patch matrix,
1,220 Views ·Posted 10/05/2016
In this video, B&H’s Rob Rives test-drives Output Exhale and Output Signal in various configurations, showing you how to create EDM tracks, soundtracks, and music beds with these exciting virtual instruments, powered by the Native Instruments Kontakt engine. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other
205 Views ·Posted 07/18/2016
In this video we show you how to automate a delay plug-in to add spice to an EDM break.
20,476 Views ·Posted 06/20/2016
Join B&H’s own Robert Rives, as he discusses new features of the H4n Pro Handy Recorder from Zoom, including its stereo microphone, built-in preamps, and onboard effects processing. In this video, Rives engages the talents of colleague Nick Messitte to test-drive the Zoom H4n on acoustic and electric guitars. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other
2,442 Views ·Posted 09/08/2015
In the following video, we demonstrate the Roland JD-XA Analog/Digital Hybrid Synthesizer, giving a quick listen to this powerful new synth, exploring its functions, controls, and features. The sequencer, which allows you to record up to 16 tracks, mute parts, and record knob and fader moves, is put through its paces. Finally, our very own Rob Rives and Greg Johnson paint an audible picture of what this machine can do when
1,989 Views ·Posted 01/27/2015
In this video, our in-house audio expert, Rob Rives, demonstrates the new, console-free StudioLive RM32AI from PreSonus, a 32-input digital mixing system that can be controlled using your Mac or PC. It offers full touchscreen integration when used with an iPad or a multi-touch Windows 8 computer. Designed for a wide array of live sound mixing and studio applications, the system is equipped with 32 recallable mic preamps
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In this video, Rob Rives shows us four different portable keyboards that make great starter keyboards for kids. Rives takes a look at the Casio SA-76 and CTK-6200, the Yamaha EZ-220, and the
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Dave Roberts, from MOTU, explains the ins and outs of the new Thunderbolt-compatible 1248, 16M, and 8M audio interfaces. He also explains how the separately available MOTU AVB (Audio Video Bridge) box enables you to network with multiple computers and extend cable runs, and he emphasizes how the interfaces themselves are outfitted with top-notch components. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide
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The arrival of the Rytm drum machine from Elektron has been highly anticipated due to its design, which combines analog sound generation with digital sample playback, forming a versatile tool for musicians, producers and sound designers alike. In this video, Rob Rives takes us on a guided tour of the Rytm, demonstrates some of the unit’s extensive capabilities, and gives us a sampling of its vast sound-generating functions.  
257 Views ·Posted 06/12/2014
In the following video, Rob Rives, from B&H, presents an overview of the new Bitwig Studio Music Creation System. Rives explores some of the software’s key features, including the dual side-by-side arrangement and clip launcher views, VST sandboxing, Hybrid MIDI and Audio Tracks, Layered Editing, and Histogram editing. The video also examines Bitwig’s unique container effect routing system and some of the