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In this B&H video, photography legend Mark Seliger shares stories from his career photographing musical artists such as Nirvana, LL Cool J, Neil Young, the Spice Girls, Snoop Dog, and many more. 0:00 – Seliger’s Stories 44:48 – Q&A Learn more about B&H Depth of Field.
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Is artistic creativity passed down through generations of a family? How is style and wisdom garnered? How can a father and son collaborate to expand their work individually and as a team? These are just a few of the questions we posed to Moshe and Eddie Brakha, otherwise known as Brakha x2, during this week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast. Moshe Brakha
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On today’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we welcome two members of the New York chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers, otherwise known as the ASMP-NY, and we discuss the society’s evolving role as a trade organization for photographers, as well as a recent photography exhibit the Society sponsored. Our guests are Liam Alexander, President of the New York chapter of
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On this week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we welcome the founder and Executive Director of the Social Documentary Network, Glenn Ruga, and photographer Sofia Aldinio, who is the recipient of the 2021 ZEKE Award for Documentary Photography, presented by the Social Documentary Network. As should be clear, our conversation today revolves around the Social Documentary Network
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On this week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we take a deep dive into the technical, legal, and even theoretical topics surrounding Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and their growing place in the art and photography worlds. To take on this subject, we welcome cryptocurrency expert and past guest of the show, Drew Hinkes. Hinkes is an attorney and professor and, in 2017, was nominated as one of Coindesk’s Most Influential People
by Allan Weitz ·Posted 07/08/2020
Few camera lenses helped to define a brand name more than Nikon’s NIKKOR 105mm f/2.5. Produced from 1959 to 2005, this portrait lens underwent five updates during the course of its production run, including a complete makeover, in 1977. Considered by many photographers to be one of the sweetest portrait lenses ever made, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn it was the very lens used by Steve McCurry when he photographed the legendary “Afghan Girl” cover for National Geographic magazine. Photographs © Allan Weitz 2020 Based on Nikon’s 10.5cm f/2
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Our conversation on this week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast is with the fabulous and innovative Duane Michals. Of the many comments he made about his photography practice, a practice that has been commercially and artistically successful for almost sixty years, one that stood out was his aside that “photography has failed [him] as an art form.” The comment comes late in our conversation but refers to the idea that
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I don’t know if we’ve ever had two photographers with such divergent styles on the same episode. It would make little sense to even have them on together, except that their individual work is exceptional, and they are married to each other. This week on the B&H Photography Podcast, we return to a format that has served us well in the past
by John Harris and Cory Rice ·Posted 01/16/2020
Photography registers the world’s optical unconscious: the traumas and ecstasies, the losses and joys that forge the true meaning of our lives in ways not ruled by conscious thought. — Ulrich Baer, author, podcaster, creator Photograph by © Cory Rice
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On today’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we welcome California-based advertising, sports, dance, and fashion photographer (and director), Alexis Cuarezma, who packs a considerable amount of practical and creative insight into our hour-long conversation. Ostensibly, Cuarezma was joining us to talk about his lighting techniques and, while he does dive deep into lighting schemes, we discuss so much more. Cuarezma is
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Of course, there are several renowned photography book publishers, but if you know just one name in photo book publishing, it should be Aperture. Edward Weston, Diane Arbus, Stephen Shore, Sally Mann, Deana Lawson, and Martin Parr are just a few of the artists who have had at least one of their most significant books published by Aperture Publishing. Book publishing is just one of the ways that this non-profit organization, founded by Minor White and others,
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Perhaps there is one thing on which all photographers can agree: we love to photograph our pets. From amateur to professional, a simple photo of our dog, cat, or guinea pig making “that face” is almost irresistible and, based on the current exhibit at The Museum of the Dog, this fascination with photographing our pets reaches into the past for as long as the medium has existed. On this week’s episode, we welcome author and vernacular photography collector Catherine Johnson, and
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“A wiser feller than myself once said, ‘Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear, well, he eats you.’” A few of our listeners may recognize this quote from a certain 1998 movie but, for others, well, it may just be a confusing adage. For today’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, however, we did indeed “eat the bear” and are very fortunate to welcome actor, musician, and photographer Jeff Bridges to our show. In addition to
by John Harris and Cory Rice ·Posted 09/05/2019
What is photography? Everything from a daguerreotype to a digital print, from Man Ray’s rayograms to Adam Fuss’s photograms, from sand-toned carbon prints by Julia Margaret Cameron to manipulated color Polaroids by Lucas Samaras to Jeff Wall’s meticulously constructed, computer-manipulated fictions. It’s Nadar and Penn, Brassai and Cindy Sherman, Nan Goldin and Gilbert & George, “Migrant Mother,” “Dovima