DSLR Cameras

by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 11/17/2014
The premise of the camera is simple: it's a box that allows a measured amount of light into it in order to create an image on a photo-sensitive material. Stroll through the B&H Photo SuperStore and you'll see there are literally thousands of different interpretations of how to best do this. Cameras of all shapes, sizes, and colors are on the shelves—all of them begging to be held and used to make photographs.   The camera, one of the world's ultimate gadgets, has an appeal that transcends a great cross section of the human race. Artists,
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 03/21/2022
Photographic art and style are both subjective topics about which many of us get passionate. The camera is a tool to make photographic art, but we all know that, as a tool—a machine—it can be a beautiful object unto itself. I talk about some of today’s stylistic photographic tools in my Recommended Stylish Cameras article, but let’s pass the microphone around the Internet to see what people think
0 Plays ·Posted 12/02/2021
The title for this episode of the B&H Photography Podcast is taken from a comment made by guest Tonika Johnson, describing the moment she recognized the effect her work could have on citizens of her hometown of Chicago. I’m certain that our other guests have had a similar moment when they see that their artistic work has gone beyond just the oohs and ahhs of aesthetes and afficionados and truly helps to educate and change the world
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 10/25/2021
Raw vs. JPEG. The debate has persisted since the early days of digital photography. With modern digital technology, in-camera JPEG processing has never been better. Across brands, some photographers claim to have switched their workflow to JPEG exclusively, forgoing the advantages (and disadvantages) of shooting raw files. Others shoot raw + JPEG simultaneously to enjoy the benefits of both. Of course, many shoot only raw images. With a week in Ireland to focus on photography, I decided to dive deeper into the raw vs. JPEG option and see if it
0 Plays ·Posted 08/10/2021
We have been looking forward to this conversation for weeks. On today’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we sit down with retired Detective 1st Grade Michael Cunningham, of the New York City Police Department, to talk about crime-scene unit photography. Cunningham is an expert on crime-scene photography and forensics—in addition to his twenty-seven years with the NYPD, he has worked as a trainer for the
by John Harris ·Posted 08/03/2021
Great photos, in any discipline, can result from infinite techniques, but in sports photography—at least in sports photojournalism—there is little room for the aesthete who chooses a slow approach or the kind that eschews the available camera functions that will increase the proverbial “hit rate.” In other words, sports photographers need to use all measures to get that decisive, well-composed, and most important, in-focus photograph. Thank goodness, therefore, for continuous focus tracking, a blessing for sports photographers everywhere.
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 07/23/2021
LeAnne Shor is a celebrated food photographer, writer, and content creator. She is also the creator of the Lion’s Bread food blog, where she shares tons of great content, including mouthwatering recipes and photos. We asked Shor for some advice on how to shoot food, and she gave us these five great tips. Lighting Is Everything Without good light, it doesn’t matter how you style your food; the subject won’t look appealing or appetizing. So, what is good light? This is somewhat subjective, but generally
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 05/13/2021
With the trend of DSLR and mirrorless cameras being released with more video features and recording higher video resolutions, it is tempting to purchase one for field production, since they are portable and can be outfitted easily with numerous accessories. But there are many reasons why one of these cameras might not be the best fit for your production style. For example, in the golden olden days when I shot some documentary and corporate video, I included a Canon 5D Mark III DSLR alongside my Sony PMW-EX1R broadcast camcorder for a few
by David Swindler ·Posted 02/14/2022
We at B&H are excited to announce our partnership with the 2022 OUTSIDERS Photography Conference, to be held in person March 4-6, in Kanab, Utah, with a virtual attendance option also available. Geared toward landscape, wildlife, and nature photographers of all backgrounds and abilities, this conference will provide attendees with three days of valuable instruction from
by John Harris ·Posted 04/06/2021
One of the things we love about Pentax is that this company wears a love for photography on its proverbial sleeve. A recent video introduction to its new flagship Pentax K-3 Mark III DSLR starts with a simple affirmation of the core Pentax principles, citing a devotion to the photographic process and the user experience that goes beyond a sheer sales pitch. It is something to be valued, and this devotion is evident in Pentax
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 03/26/2021
In the ever-changing digital world, it is often financially difficult to keep pace with the technology and constantly acquire the latest and greatest gear. Many of us save up our hard-earned cash to get the latest camera, only to see it be replaced weeks or months after we acquired our new toy. That can be disheartening, of course, but here are a few tips on how you can breathe new life into your aging digital camera. I was going to conclude with a few thoughts, but let’s begin with them instead… Remember/learn/know that an older digital
0 Plays ·Posted 02/25/2021
Live event and concert photography have, obviously, been drastically impacted by the global pandemic and related shutdowns. Let’s give a shout-out to all the photographers, musicians, technicians, and crew who have struggled with the loss of that part of their income and craft, but also make time on the B&H Photography Podcast to talk about concert photography as we inch toward a hopeful return to live music and art performances. Today’s guest is
by Jill Waterman ·Posted 01/01/2021
What better motivation can one give a fledgling photo student than a gift of their very own camera at the end of an introductory workshop? It’s this very gesture that sets FreshLens Chicago apart from the pack. Founded in 2017 by Shirley Nannini as Executive Director, with Denise Orlin as Assistant Director, FreshLens is a youth photography not-for-profit dedicated to serving under-resourced Chicago youth through a mix of intensive photographic instruction, confidence building self-assessments, and inspiring role models who demonstrate what
0 Plays ·Posted 12/10/2020
On this week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we offer an insightful overview of the best cameras released in 2020 and discuss significant trends in the photography industries. Our guest is Kevin Rickert, Senior Sales Trainer for B&H Photo. Rickert is often the first person at B&H to get new cameras in his hands and is responsible for training our staff on the features of a wide variety of gear. He knows his stuff. We start by mentioning the
by Jason T. ·Posted 12/08/2020
Describing the elegant simplicity of the Leica M digital rangefinder camera system to the uninitiated can be tricky. The words of praise that I hear come out of my own mouth often come off as comically paradoxical. “Nope, it doesn’t have autofocus or image stabilization, and oh, the minimum focus distance is probably double that of your DSLR or mirrorless lenses, which is all part of what makes shooting with it such a special experience.” Statements like