Drones and Aerial Imaging

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With several new products to discuss, the last few days leading up to B&H's holiday break have been pretty exciting. Nikon dropped an optic with a new name, the ultra-high-performance NIKKOR Z 135mm f/1.8 S Plena Lens. Meanwhile, DJI shared yet another announcement this year: the Mini 4 Pro, which
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Packed with new and enhanced features, the newly released DJI Air 3 Drone is the successor to the Air 2S, making significant leaps forward in aerial content creation. For the first time in the Air series, the Air 3 has dual cameras that feature wide-angle and 3x telephoto capabilities. An additional first is the inclusion of Waypoint, the flight routing feature that lets you plan, save, and repeat routes and camera movements. These
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Drone vs. drone. 4K vs. 8K. Matt Zefi vs. Matt Matkin. The battle is on between DJI’s Mini 3 Pro and Inspire 3! Which of these two is the best for you? Or is there a secret third option? 0:00 - Introduction and Rules 1:11 - Inspire 3 Highlights 2:22 - Mini 3 Pro Highlights 3:27 - Portability 4:32 - Setup Time 5:59 - Maneuverability 7:41 - Footage 9:09 - An In-Between Drone 9:43 - Final Thoughts Which of the drones do you think