Digital Pianos

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Hot off the presses at NAMM, Nord is announcing the latest generation of its stage- and studio-worthy piano keyboards, the Nord Grand 2. Sporting a brand-new keyboard and the ability to generate piano and synth sounds simultaneously, the Nord Grand has never been so versatile. Nord Grand 2 88-Key
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At NAMM 2024, Korg announced a little something for everybody with three exciting new products: the KingKORG Neo virtual analog synthesizer, the Poetry digital piano, and the
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Interested in giving piano playing a shot? Whether you're seeking a fresh and engaging pastime, exploring the world of songwriting and performance, or nurturing a young prodigy's musical dreams, having your own digital piano is essential. Regardless of your specific situation, aspiring pianists need to invest in the “right” digital piano. Whether you prefer a compact, portable option or a full-sized model that emulates the feel of a traditional piano, established brands like Yamaha, Roland, Alesis, and Casio offer a wide range of choices to
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Pianists of all ages and experience levels can appreciate Korg’s latest digital pianos. Whether you’re traveling the world, recording in the studio, or learning at home, the B2 and D1 digital pianos can fuel your performances with their realistic sounds, natural playability, and space-saving form factors. The B2 home digital piano—available in black or white, with or without a matching stand and 3-pedal system—boasts Korg’s 88-key NH3 weighted hammer-action keybed for the
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It's NAMM season again— NAMM 2019, this time—and Yamaha is bringing some exciting new instruments to Anaheim's premier musical mercantile party. Let's start with the guitars, specifically the CG-TA and the CSF-TA. The first is a
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Join AB, from B&H, as he takes an up-close look at the new Electro 6 keyboard from Nord. Check out the video to learn about some of the new features and functions that make the Electro 6 a versatile instrument, particularly for gigging. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at
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Roland has been producing the RD-Series instruments for more than 30 years, and the newest RD-2000 Stage Piano raises the bar by combining three decades of piano research and advanced controller features into one powerful and versatile instrument. The RD-2000 offers stunning acoustic and electric pianos, as well as a vast collection of additional sounds for tackling any musical style. The instrument also functions as a full-fledged
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Looking for a portable digital piano with 88 natural-feeling keys, built-in ambiance, and even built-in lessons for the novice player? Then check out this portable digital keyboard, which combines great piano sounds, grade-weighted keys, and more into an eminently portable package. This keyboard is lightweight at just over 26 lb, allowing you to take it from room to room in your home, house of worship, or other scenarios; it’s even
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Join audio expert Rob Rives in this B&H online video, as he presents four 88-key digital pianos from Yamaha, Casio, and Kawai. Aside from comparing their features, the video includes audio samples of piano, electric piano, and one other instrument from each, expertly performed by Greg Johnson. We hope you enjoy the video and the music, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at