Digital Keyboards

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The holiday season is starting to ramp up, but with Thanksgiving in a few days, things were quiet this week. We still have a couple of announcements worth mentioning, though. Among these is a collaboration between Nomatic and well-known creator Peter McKinnon to develop the stylish LUMA camera bag collection. Also, Atlas Lens Co. fleshes out its
by Trevor Collins ·Posted
Professional music producers, arrangers, and stage performers have long looked to Yamaha for their vital tools―namely, powerful multi-faceted arranger keyboards, from the old Motif series to the modern GENOS platform. Now, Yamaha is updating its GENOS line to be the foundation upon which all future Yamaha keyboards will be built with the GENOS2, the most comprehensive toolbox Yamaha has ever provided for keyboard
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Join AB, from B&H, as he takes an up-close look at the new Electro 6 keyboard from Nord. Check out the video to learn about some of the new features and functions that make the Electro 6 a versatile instrument, particularly for gigging. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted
Yamaha has continued to fashion excellent digital keyboards—for instance, these entries in the PSR-S series. As you’ll see from the infographic below, all these keyboards have multiple voices, tons of built-in effects, USB flash memory, and onboard DSP. The differences between entries in this series change depending on the model, so we at B&H have made this handy chart to help you make the right choice!