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Lenovo continues to innovate in the laptop and desktop categories, with a positively adventurous mobile entry, Yoga Book 9i, and a satisfyingly minimal option, the Yoga AIO 9i. The Yoga Book 9i is a landmark release because it’s the first laptop with dual OLED displays for maximum flexibility and productivity, and the Yoga AIO 9i delivers a complete PC experience in a modern, space-saving design. Yoga Book 9i Lenovo’s new laptop release lets you enjoy the flexibility and productivity boost of dual screens on the go. Open the thin and
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With the recent release of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti graphics card at CES 2023, as well as the December 2022 launch of the AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT/XTX graphics cards, CyberPowerPC has updated its Gamer Supreme and Gamer Master lineup. These CyberPowerPC systems will cater to gamer enthusiasts looking to play in 1440p at high refresh rates. The Gamer Supreme line gets the bulk of the updates, mixing and matching the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti graphics card with either a
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We test the new Mac Pro, showing you its specs, layout, and expandability. Then, we test the 2019 Mac Pro against the 2013 model while exporting in Premiere Pro CC. What do you think of Apple's new Mac Pro 2019? Learn more at B&H Explora:- Apple's 2019 Mac Pro: The Ultimate Photo Workstation-