Dash Cameras

by Jill Waterman ·Posted
Motorists are flocking to the roads in droves these days, to make getting behind the wheel more hazardous than it’s been in a decade, as recently reported in Car & Driver magazine. When traffic is heavy, frustration can build quickly, leading to aggressive driving and road rage—both of which are on the rise. One essential tool to help keep you safe under such conditions is the trusty dash cam. Initially designed for police use to catch traffic
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I did a quick survey of the women in my life. As it turns out, most of them are somebody’s mother, and one of them is even my mother. I asked what gift they would like for Mother’s Day—items that B&H sells, anyway. Two of them mentioned items they didn’t realize B&H sold, like guitar picks and
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Thinkware recently unveiled some new dash cams, along with accompanying rear-view cameras, to give drivers the option of a complete video recording solution for the front and rear of their vehicles. Additionally, a new 2-channel motorsport camera for motorcycles was also unveiled. Up first, the Q800PRO is a Wi-Fi dash cam that records 2560 x 1440 resolution video at 30 fps. It has a wide 140-degree lens, a built-in speaker and
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With the release of its DR900S Series 4K UHD dash cams, Black Vue wants to ensure that you document your travels on the road in high quality. These advanced, compact cameras come in 1-channel and 2-channel iterations to offer surveillance for your choice of the front or both front and rear of your
by Atane Ofiaja ·Posted
Thinkware recently released several new dash cams and accompanying rear-view cameras to offer complete surveillance for the front and rear of your vehicle on the road. Beginning with the F100, which records video in 1080p at 30 fps, it also offers a 135-degree diagonal field of view, along with a built-in microphone and speaker. The F100 comes bundled with your choice of a
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Have you ever wondered: “how did they get that shot, where was the camera attached?” Or how did the cameraperson squeeze, strap, or balance themselves into that position? B&H offers a wide range of options for mounting your video camera for vehicle-based shots, raising your camera above the fray, and otherwise mounting your camera in innovative ways. A staple of many police procedurals is the shot of the characters riding in the squad car, whether it be the cynical detective and the raring-to-go rookie, or a reveal of the jittery perp in
by John Craig ·Posted
Car cameras—also known as dash cams, car cams, or vehicle video recorders—are exactly what they sound like. They’re cameras you install in your car. There are many reasons someone might want one, and there is a bevy of features to be considered when shopping for the right solution. The features can vary a bit, and which are most important will depend on what your concern is. Maybe you’re a parent who’s concerned about the behind-the-wheel behavior of the new teen driver in the house. There’s a solution for that. You run a small business with a
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Transcend continues its commitment to dash cams with its new DrivePro 110 and DrivePro 130 models. A comprehensive list of features make these compelling contenders in the dash cam market. Keep an eye on the road with Full HD resolution, a color display, built-in mic and speaker, driver fatigue alert, headlight