by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 10/13/2022
With more and more companies offering CD-quality streams, hi-res tiers, and lossless audio options, the temptation to reserve a bit more of the paycheck for pleasurable listening is greater than ever. Apple, Amazon, Tidal, Quboz, Deezer, and others have concluded that giving music lovers extra fidelity is a worthwhile endeavor, a move that is generally applauded by industry professionals and “normal people” alike. However, before you shell out various monies on high-quality streaming services, make sure your hardware (physical devices) can
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 01/27/2021
For audiophiles and sonic purists who have moved their music collection into the digital realm, B&H is pleased to announce the DacMagic 200M, Cambridge Audio’s first product to support MQA studio-quality streaming. This flagship desktop DAC and headphone amp was purpose-built to handle an array of digital sources from CDs and computer files to wireless playback deftly via Bluetooth with pristine clarity and superb precision,
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 01/15/2020
For mastering engineers and mixers in search of uncompromising quality on the bridge from their digital sources to their analog gear, NAMM 2020 marks an exciting moment with the release of the SPL Mercury, the first dedicated mastering DAC built on SPL’s 120V Rail Technology. To make your high-fidelity existence even more enjoyable, the Mercury also functions as a top-notch stereo monitor controller. Don’t worry, all the audio
by Andrew Eisele ·Posted 01/15/2020
RME is showing off its latest releases at NAMM 2020 that should be of interest to professional audio engineers and musicians in search of small, high-quality interfaces with various amounts of I/O and next generation network audio capabilities. All interfaces now sport RME’s FS Steadyclock technology, which ensures a sonic image that never experiences degradation, resulting in optimized recordings and mixing with a sound stage with more depth and clarity. The updated
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 11/14/2017
You sit in an office every day. Maybe it’s an open floor plan, and you’re lounging against exposed brick, headphones plugged into your laptop as hipsters amble throughout this soulless startup at all hours. Perhaps yours is a different work life: Crammed into a cubicle, you play audio from work-sanctioned streaming services as you entrench yourself in a routine your inner child would smack you for even comprehending, let alone settling for. Maybe the coffee shop is your office, and you need to block out those stroller-derby playing vanity