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Sony ZV-1 II, Canon R100, FUJIFILM X-S20, Leica Q3, Pentax 50mm Week of May 21, 2023 We couldn't go into Memorial Day weekend without another round of product announcements and we sure had some this week. Sony is giving one of the most popular vlogging cameras around some well-earned upgrades with the release of the ZV-1 II. FUJIFILM and Canon are upgrading their entry-level mirrorless offerings with the X-S20 and R100, respectively. Leica is even
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Director and VFX Artist Cache Bunny shares her advice for video content creators, especially those who are just starting out, such as how to build a strong community, how to overcome your fear of creating content, and more. What are your questions about video creation? Post them in the Comments section, below.    
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With many businesses shifting to remote work and collaboration, webcams have become some of the most vital pieces of technology you can have in your home or office. Among webcam manufacturers, arguably none is more celebrated than Logitech, which offers a webcam solution for just about every office and application. Here are some of its top offerings, all of which we fully recommend. Logitech C920s If you work in an office, chances are you’ve seen or interacted with the