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Join Andrew Swift in the studio as he compares the Audio-Technica AT2020USB-XP to the AT2040USB. He explains which microphone is better for livestreaming, podcasting, filming YouTube videos, and recording music. 0:00 - In this Video 0:37 - Condenser vs. Dynamic 1:20 - Acoustic Instrument Test 1:43 - AT2020USB-XP Ambient Noise Reduction Test 2:55 - AT2020USB-XP Automatic Gain Control Test 3:41 - What is the AT2040USB Good For? 4:14 -
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Before you begin your podcast, you need to make sure your audio recording is crystal clear. Andrew shares some proper microphone techniques to help you get the best sound for your podcast.  0:00 - Introduction  0:17 - Proximity Effect  1:26 - Plosive Sounds  3:33 - Setting the Input Gain  4:30 - Final Thoughts  Did you find these tips helpful? Do you have any to add? Let us know in the Comments section, below.
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With the holidays fast approaching, now is a great time to spice up your home studio with some delectable new gear. And what could make a bigger difference than a brand-new microphone? A good microphone can make or break a production, so it’s always vital to have a quality mic in your toolbox for addressing whatever recording scenario you might encounter. That’s why we’ve saved you some time and assembled a list of the best recording microphones on the market, as of 2023. So, without further ado, let’s dive in! Microphone Introduction Before
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With so many vocal microphones out there, how do you know which one is best for you? Shure’s Russ Helfman and Laura Davidson give advice on picking out the right live vocal mic and go through the best mics that Shure has to offer. 0:00 - Introduction 1:29 - Common Polar Patters 2:47 - SM58 Mic 7:48 - Beta 58A Mic 11:03 - Super 55 Mic 14:06 - SM86 Mic 17:35 - Beta 87A & Beta 87C 20:47 - KSM8 & KSM9 27:27 - Final Thoughts 29:30 - Q&A How do you decide which microphone to choose? Let us know your tips in the Comments section, below.
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Did you miss us? Our break was followed immediately by NAMM and NAB, and we were swamped—all the news for the week can be found on our NAB page, along with videos from the show floor. Time to get to the new stuff. Only a few weeks after the Inspire 3 was released, DJI surprised us with another major drone announcement: the Mavic 3 Pro. The Mavic
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Teenage Engineering, maker of powerful, intuitive, engaging, and portable creative products, is continuing its proud tradition with one of the smallest professional studio mics ever built, the CM-15 portable studio condenser microphone. Packing a powerful large diaphragm, audiophile-grade A/D converter, and a dual XLR and USB-C output design, the CM-15 is set up to change the game in portable
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RØDE is launching its new line of RØDE X microphones, which feature built-in DSP and are primarily aimed at streamers, podcasters, and gamers. The first releases are the XDM-100 dynamic USB microphone and the XCM-50 condenser USB microphone, along with the companion UNIFY virtual audio-mixing software, offering a complete audio
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Earthworks announces the ETHOS, a broadcast microphone that’s designed to capture your voice faithfully, making it well suited for podcasts, narration, commentary, and audiobook recordings and production. Available in a shiny stainless steel or subdued matte black, the ETHOS utilizes a small-diaphragm condenser capsule
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The name Telefunken may be synonymous with vacuum tubes and tube mics, but that didn’t stop the esteemed brand from proudly putting its badge on Telefunken’s first phantom-powered large-diaphragm FET (non-tube) condenser mic, the Telefunken TF11. As the latest entry in Telefunken’s popular Alchemy Microphone Series, the TF11 can be scored as a single mic or as a
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Though the brand Austrian Audio may not be ubiquitous like the time-honored legends of Telefunken, Neumann, Shure, and AKG, you’re bound to see Austrian Audio microphones popping all over the place. It was a team of former AKG personnel who designed the OC18 and OC818 mics—studio condensers
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If you’re looking to avoid the expense and complexity of swapping microphones for different sources, you’ll need a single microphone that can do it all. The Senal UC4-B is designed to do just that; deftly switch between pickup patterns while retaining the reliable simplicity of USB connectivity. Whether you need to produce podcasts, track vocals, record instruments, or capture ambience, this multi-pattern USB microphone delivers
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In this quirky comparison, Justin Colletti from Sonic Scoop tests so-called “little brother” microphones, thus named because each capsule displayed herein is the wallet-friendly version of a signature, flagship, and loftily priced model. But just because these microphones won’t break the bank doesn’t mean they’re in any way inferior—in fact, it’s quite the opposite; as Justin puts vocals through the AKG C214, the
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Join Sonic Scoop’s Justin Colletti as he tests out some tube condenser microphones that won’t break the bank.