condenser microphones

by Eric Calvi ·Posted 10/25/2022
RØDE is launching its new line of RØDE X microphones, which feature built-in DSP and are primarily aimed at streamers, podcasters, and gamers. The first releases are the XDM-100 dynamic USB microphone and the XCM-50 condenser USB microphone, along with the companion UNIFY virtual audio-mixing software, offering a complete audio
by Andrew Eisele ·Posted 11/05/2021
Earthworks announces the ETHOS, a broadcast microphone that’s designed to capture your voice faithfully, making it well suited for podcasts, narration, commentary, and audiobook recordings and production. Available in a shiny stainless steel or subdued matte black, the ETHOS utilizes a small-diaphragm condenser capsule
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 09/23/2020
The name Telefunken may be synonymous with vacuum tubes and tube mics, but that didn’t stop the esteemed brand from proudly putting its badge on Telefunken’s first phantom-powered large-diaphragm FET (non-tube) condenser mic, the Telefunken TF11. As the latest entry in Telefunken’s popular Alchemy Microphone Series, the TF11 can be scored as a single mic or as a
by Staff Writer ·Posted 09/24/2019
Though the brand Austrian Audio may not be ubiquitous like the time-honored legends of Telefunken, Neumann, Shure, and AKG, you’re bound to see Austrian Audio microphones popping all over the place. It was a team of former AKG personnel who designed the OC18 and OC818 mics—studio condensers
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 07/16/2019
If you’re looking to avoid the expense and complexity of swapping microphones for different sources, you’ll need a single microphone that can do it all. The Senal UC4-B is designed to do just that; deftly switch between pickup patterns while retaining the reliable simplicity of USB connectivity. Whether you need to produce podcasts, track vocals, record instruments, or capture ambience, this multi-pattern USB microphone delivers
2,495 Views ·Posted 01/10/2017
In this quirky comparison, Justin Colletti from Sonic Scoop tests so-called “little brother” microphones, thus named because each capsule displayed herein is the wallet-friendly version of a signature, flagship, and loftily priced model. But just because these microphones won’t break the bank doesn’t mean they’re in any way inferior—in fact, it’s quite the opposite; as Justin puts vocals through the AKG C214, the
2,200 Views ·Posted 11/09/2016
Join Sonic Scoop’s Justin Colletti as he tests out some tube condenser microphones that won’t break the bank.