Computer Stands

by Rebecca Melville ·Posted 03/20/2023
When friends ask how I manage to create a full work-from-home setup in my small Brooklyn bedroom, I tell them, “Patience, a bit of finessing, and a monitor arm.” Specifically, the LX Monitor Arm from Ergotron, which has quickly become one of my favorite work-from-home accessories and the reason my small desk space is so functional.
by Steven Wong ·Posted 11/11/2021
Whether you’re working from home or designing office desk space, having a comfortable environment can be crucial to maximizing productivity. Fortunately, Ergotron offers a variety of desk-mounted monitor arms that not only help save space, but also provide the versatility to significantly enhance different workflows significantly. With the patented Constant Force Technology, you can quickly adjust these monitor arms without needing to lift more weights at the gym. Once in place, your displays stay fixed in position, giving you an optimal line