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by Steven Wong ·Posted 08/28/2023
Whether you’re creating content, video chatting, or watching movies, the 27" Samsung M80C 4K HDR Smart Monitor elevates your experiences with sharp 3840 x 2160 resolution and smart TV features that make having a computer optional. Available in vibrant warm white, daylight blue, spring green, and sunset pink, this incredibly slim display blends into almost any home’s décor. The display itself delivers exceptional
by Rebecca Melville ·Posted 01/31/2023
When it comes to choosing the best color-critical monitor, today's creatives enjoy a near-limitless range of viable options. But just because there are plenty of options available doesn't mean choosing the right monitor is an easy task. Finding the monitor that best addresses your needs and your budget can be a real chore, which is why I was delighted to review ViewSonic's latest monitor, the ColorPro VP2776, and see for myself if it
by Rebecca Melville ·Posted 01/17/2023
If you are a content creator shopping for a pro-grade monitor that can fully support your workflow without obliterating your bank account, the PD3420Q monitor from BenQ might just be the affordable screen of your dreams. Featuring a gorgeous IPS panel with 10-bit color support, this monitor has plenty of connectivity options and more than a few panel-specific features, making it a solid professional monitor at a reasonable cost
by Steven Wong ·Posted 01/06/2023
Prepare to immerse yourself in entertainment with the upcoming selection of high-performance gaming monitors and projectors from BenQ. The company is currently showcasing the newest additions to its MOBIUZ, ZOWIE, and projector lines at CES 2023, pushing the boundaries of rich graphics and performance for gaming, entertainment, and content creation. Gaming Monitors The 48" MOBIUZ EX480UZ 4K OLED gaming monitor boasts a 120 Hz refresh rate and a 0.1 response time, making it ideal for fast-paced and responsive gaming experiences while pulling
by Steven Esposito ·Posted 01/10/2023
Obtaining the perfect picture with high-quality visuals can be elusive for some creative producers and gamers alike. Color calibration, gamut, and panel technology are a few of the key elements that make a solid display suitable for photo and video editors, as well as gaming enthusiasts and at CES 2023, Dell, Samsung, ASUS, HP, and more are bringing some of their best and brightest to the table. HP E27k G5 Constructed from 90% recycled and renewable materials like aluminum, ocean-sourced plastics, and even coffee grounds, HP gives creatives an
by Steven Wong ·Posted 11/07/2022
ASUS is bringing professional photo, video, and 3D editing workflows to new heights with the launch of the newest large-screen ProArt monitors. Two 31.5" displays are available, one with a stunning 4K OLED screen and the other with a sharp 1440p IPS panel, in addition to a
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 11/22/2023
The best color-critical monitors help content creators and creative professionals tackle all of their color-critical tasks, including color grading, color correction, and more. Finding the right color-critical monitor can be difficult, however, since many conventional monitors lack features necessary for color-critical work. To help make the selection process a little easier, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites. – Best Overall
by Mos Khan ·Posted 08/15/2022
After months of anticipation, Samsung is finally bringing the massive Odyssey Ark monitor to market. The Ark, originally announced in January at CES, is a 55-inch, ultrawide monitor perfect for gamers with a 1000R curvature that wraps around your field of vision for maximum immersion. Unlike other ultrawide monitors that are 32:9, such as the Odyssey Neo G9, the Ark features a more universally functional 16:9 aspect ratio, allowing
0 Views ·Posted 07/17/2022
Perfect for designers, content creators, and video and photo editors, the BenQ PD3420Q Monitor delivers 33% more screen area (with a wide 21:9 aspect ratio), breathtaking picture quality, accurate color, and more! Click to learn more about the BenQ PD3420Q.
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 05/17/2022
LG first introduced the new UltraWide 40WP95C-W monitor during last year's CES. Boasting a 40" curved panel with 5K2K resolution, 98% DCI-P3 color gamut, and Thunderbolt 4 connectivity, the 40WP95C-W appeared to be a content creator's dream come true. But could the real-world performance of LG's latest ultrawide live up to its lofty promise? We had to wait more than a year to find out, but at long last the LG UltraWide 40WP95C-W is here
0 Views ·Posted 04/07/2022
The Apple Mac Studio with M1 Ultra Chip powers through workflows, including playback of 18 streams of 8K ProRes video, 8K rendering, encoding and decoding of H.264, HEVC, ProRes, and much more! Doug Guerra takes the Mac Studio through its paces, editing and exporting large files with DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro. Guerra also uses
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 03/10/2022
In a year where there was no shortage of excellent gaming monitors, the Gigabyte AORUS FV43U ranked right at the top. Its long list of premium features includes 4K graphics, a 144Hz refresh rate, stellar color and HDR performance, and so much more. We had a chance to experience these features first-hand and can say with full confidence: You will be hard-pressed to find a better 4K gaming monitor in this size class or any other
by Rich R ·Posted 01/05/2022
LG had TVs and computer monitors great and small on display at CES 2022, and quite a few of them were headline-makers. Let’s check them out! The Largest-Ever OLED TV: 97" G2 The LG OLED G2 series features the first-ever 97" OLED TV, as well as an 83" version. The G2 series features LG’s Gallery Design, which allows the TV to sit flush to the wall. Powered by the α9 Gen 5 processor, Brightness Booster technology produces a brighter image with enhanced heat dissipation and a more advanced algorithm over previous models. The Smallest-Ever OLED
by Steven Wong ·Posted 11/11/2021
Whether you’re working from home or designing office desk space, having a comfortable environment can be crucial to maximizing productivity. Fortunately, Ergotron offers a variety of desk-mounted monitor arms that not only help save space, but also provide the versatility to significantly enhance different workflows significantly. With the patented Constant Force Technology, you can quickly adjust these monitor arms without needing to lift more weights at the gym. Once in place, your displays stay fixed in position, giving you an optimal line
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 09/03/2021
If you are a content creator shopping for a pro-grade monitor that can fully support your workflow without obliterating your bank account, the SW271C Monitor from BenQ might just be the “affordable” screen of your dreams. Featuring a gorgeous 4K IPS panel, 10-bit color support, plenty of connectivity options, and more than a few panel-specific features, the SW271C offers the power and performance of a pricey, professional monitor at a