Computer Gaming Accessories

by Steven Wong ·Posted
With the launch of the Aurora Collection, Logitech combines style, comfort, and performance into a unique set of gaming peripherals. Comprising a G705 wireless mouse, wired G713 and wireless G715 mechanical keyboards, and the G735 wireless headset, these peripherals feature a matching mist-white finish and a compact form that enhances the look and feel of your
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted
In the span of a few short weeks, Oculus has released not one but two major software updates for the Oculus Quest 2. Firmware versions v28 and v29 unlock several new features and modes for the popular VR platform, including wireless PC streaming via Air Link, 120Hz support, and the new “Live Overlay” feature—just to name a few.
by John Foldi ·Posted
HTC unveiled its latest VR headset in the prosumer space today with the release of the VIVE Pro 2. This second iteration in the VIVE Pro series delivers a drastic increase in optics, with higher resolution per eye, a wider FOV, and increased refresh rate, which solidifies the VIVE Pro 2 as a go-to headset for premium PC-VR content.
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted
Gaming is getting huge. A natural result of that is equipment being designed explicitly for gamers. One such brand is WD with its WD_BLACK series of products. Yes, they are great for gaming, but I want to say that these are genuinely good products that are worth a look for other industries. In particular, it was the Thunderbolt™ 3-equipped D50 Game Dock that caught my eye as a great option for creatives who need speedy storage and a
by Lawrence Neves ·Posted
Gamers are a tough bunch to shop for. They’re one of the few consumer groups that a) buys their own equipment almost exclusively; b) are very particular about what they buy; and c) enjoy comfort as much as they do gaming. Luckily for us, Spieltek understands the struggle is real for gamers, and they have developed a line of
by Steven Wong ·Posted
AMD stepped into the next generation of high-performance computing power with the launch of the Ryzen 5000 series desktop processors. Featuring “Zen 3” 7nm architecture, the Ryzen 5 5600X, Ryzen 7 5800X, Ryzen 9 5900X, and
by Patrick Chiang ·Posted
If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of Apex Legends, then here’s your wake-up call. While it doesn’t have the player base compared to big titles like Fortnite or PUBG, probably because it’s not available on mobile (yet?), “Ape Legs,” as at least two of us in the office like to call it, isn’t fighting this battle sitting down. In less than one week of a February release, Apex has amassed more than 25 million players—and 50 million within a month. In March, Respawn Entertainment was ready with Apex Legends Season 1 – Wild